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Awards season is just around the corner and, as a publisher of science fiction, fantasy, horror and general wtf-assery, Angry Robot are keen to get our amazing books the recognition they deserve. 2023 was an exciting year across all formats, and here’s a list of books we published last year that are eligible for awards.


Burrowed by Mary Baader Kaley
In the distant future, a genetic plague has separated humanity in two – Subterraneans who live in underground burrows to protect their health, and strong surface-dwelling Omniterraneans.
Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopia


The Infinite by Ada Hoffmann
The final book in The Outside trilogy, the first of which was nominated for several awards including The Philip K. Dick Award and Compton Crook Award. Also included in the BSFA longlist.
Genre: Science Fiction


World Running Down by Al Hess

World Running Down by Al Hess
A transgender salvager on the outskirts of a dystopian Utah gets the chance to earn the ultimate score and maybe even a dash of romance. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch… One of Library Journal’s Best Books of 2023
Genre: Science Fiction


Moths by Jane Hennigan_black background with a golden moth flying leaving dust behind

Moths by Jane Hennigan
Exploring male violence against women, homo-normativity, and gynocracy, Moths is a powerful assessment of life in a new, post-pandemic world.
Genre: Science Fiction


Trine by Chris Faraday

Trine by Chris Faraday
A young girl holds a vital part of a weapon used to kill a nightmarish creature in her amulet in this fast-paced sci-fi horror, perfect for fans of Stranger Things.
Genre: Science Fiction, Horror


The Cleaving by Juliet E. McKenna
An Arthurian retelling that follows the tangled stories of four women: Nimue, Ygraine, Morgana, and Guinevere, as they fight to control their own destinies amid the wars and rivalries that will determine the destiny of Britain.
Genre: Fantasy, Myths and Legends


Herald of the Black Moon by Stephen Deas
The third book in the Black Moon Trilogy following Seth, Myla and Fings in the aftermath of The House of Cats and Gulls as they commit petty crimes and try their hardest to avoid the world-ending destruction that they may or may not have started…
Genre: Fantasy


March’s End by Daniel Polansky
A multi-generational portal fantasy of strange magics, epic warfare, and deadly intrigue, in which the personality conflicts and toxic struggles of the Harrow family are reflected in the fantasy world they’ve sworn to protect.
Genre: Fantasy


Myriad by Joshua David Bellin cover_figure walking into the light through a tunnel

Myriad by Joshua David Bellin
A time travel thriller, following a police officer who is on the hunt for her brother’s killer.
Genre: Science Fiction

The Judas Blossom by Stephen Aryan
An imaginative and sprawling epic fantasy reimagining of the Mongol Empire’s invasion of Persia, following the lives and treacherous journeys of four key figures in the heart of war.
Genre: Fantasy, Historical fiction

Lessons in Birdwatching by Honey Watson
A sci-fi epic set on a planet suffering from a time-distortion plague plunged into civil war after a brutal murder.
Genre: Science Fiction

Chasm by Stacey McEwan
The second book in the bestselling Glacian Trilogy from TikTok’s Stacey McEwan sees Dawsyn continuing her epic quest to save the people of the Ledge.
Genre: Fantasy, Romance


The Bone Roots cover image

The Bone Roots by Gabriela Houston
A Slavic-folklore inspired fantasy that explores how far a mother will go to protect her child…
Genre: Fantasy, Folklore


Earth Retrograde by R.W.W. Greene
Brooklyn LaMontage may have saved the world in 1976, but if you ask him about it, he won’t be able to tell you a thing. The sequel to Mercury Rising, with alternate history, aliens and anti-heroes aplenty.
Genre: Science Fiction


Mothtown cover – head sliced in five parts with title on top of smoke

Mothtown by Caroline Hardaker
Including illustrations from bestselling illustrator and political cartoonist Chris Riddell, this eerie and unsettling novel follows David as he tries to find his place in a society plagued by secrecy. Also included in Locus Magazine’s Recommended Reading List for 2023.
Genre: Fantasy, horror.


Him by Geoff Ryman
The Son of God like you’ve never imagined him before. A sci-fi take on the Biblical story from award winning author Geoff Ryman. Also included on the BSFA longlist and in Locus Magazine’s Recommended Reading List for 2023.
Genre: Science Fiction

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