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“Hardaker will put a spell on you with her sleek and haunting prose.”
– Silvia Moreno-Garcia, 
bestselling author of Mexican Gothic

Mothtown is weird, horrifying and latches hold of you. Sometimes it grows from within you.

File Under: Fantasy [ The Moth Effect | It Grows Within | Book of the Moth | Time Flies ]

David is growing up in a world where something is very badly wrong but everyone is protecting David from knowing what it is. People are going missing, bodies are showing up with wings, or bones in nests if you believe the rumours from the kids at school. David doesn’t really know because his parents turn off the news whenever he might get a handle on what is happening around him and his older sister just doesn’t seem interested in sharing.
Most importantly for David the centre of his world – his grandfather – is gone. His parents say he is dead but why is his grandfather’s backpack and jumper missing from the house? Alongside this we have a man abandoned in a hostile landscape and trying out run nature itself to get back home with some information.