The Bone Roots

by: Gabriela Houston
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A tale of two mothers, each desperate to protect her child. But only one of them can succeed. And only one of them knows why.

File Under: Fantasy

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The Bone Roots is a salvic-folklore inspired fantasy that explores how far a mother will go to protect her child… It’s been 40 years since the Fox took Kada’s brother. Though she ran and kept herself hidden, she fears it may be stalking her again, this time to steal her daughter. Every year, Vedma Kada gives thanks to the bone roots – those that belong to the child-bearing tree who gave Kada her desperately-wanted baby, Secha. Kada lives her life in service of the bone roots and the goddess Zemya, but they cannot keep her daughter safe. Not when Secha’s emerging powers, both mysterious and brutish, threaten to out her for who she truly is… Meanwhile Sladyana, a rich noblewoman, has spent the last fifteen years searching for her missing daughter, Luba. She was snatched from their home by the Fox thief and Sladyana has heard nothing from her since. But the one who gave Sladyana her daughter has come within her grasp once again, and so has the secret of her daughter’s fate. Gabriela Houston is the author of The Second Bell and middle-grade fantasy, The Wind Child


“Gabriela Houston’s writing is both economical and evocative – a rare skill.”
– SFX Magazine

“[Gabriela Houston] truly is a writer to look out for, and one that I think will go far.”
– Libri Draconis

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Ebook, Paperback


10th October 2023 | 9781915202635 | epub & mobi | ÂŁ4.99/$6.99/$7.99


10th October 2023 | 9781915202581 | Paperback | ÂŁ9.99/$15.99/$17.99

Gabriela Houston

Gabriela was born and raised in Poland, brought up on a diet of mythologies and fairy tales. She spent her summers exploring the woods, foraging and animal tracking with her family. At 19, Gabriela moved to London to study English Literature and obtained a Masters degree in Literatures of Modernity. She has worked as an assistant editor and as a freelance writer. Gabriela’s short stories have been selected for the Editor’s Choice Review by Bewildering Stories and have been featured on the Ladies of Horror Fiction podcast. She lives in London with her husband and two children.

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