About Us

  • Angry Robot Books is an independent publisher of the very best in science fiction, fantasy, and WTF?! Since 2009, we have consistently sought to find and give a platform to new voices and new stories that push the boundaries of genre fiction, mess them about, and put them back together again in all kinds of awesome ways – we like to think of ourselves as ‘genrefluid’.
  • With an incredible backlist of titles from some of the greatest names in contemporary SFF, and our gaze focused always on finding the next Big, Bold, Bonkers Thing, we’re an integral part of the UK’s SFF publishing landscape, immensely proud of our achievements, and excited about what we’ll do next.
  • Though we’re based in the UK, we sell our books throughout the world thanks to a partnership with Penguin Random House, and in all your favourite bookstores and bookish retailers. Apart from the occasional digital omnibus, all our titles are published simultaneously in paperback and eBook, with a huge and ever-growing number in audiobook as well!
  • We also sell our books direct from this very website, in both paperback and DRM-free eBook, so you can help directly support us to keep publishing your next favourite book, while reading your current faves however and wherever you like!

Meet the team.