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Salinee Goldenberg is a speculative fiction writer and multimedia artist who lives in Washington DC, and is drawn…

Salinee Goldenberg

Published September 16, 2023
S.T. Gibson is a literary agent, author, and village wise woman in training. A graduate of the creative…

S.T. Gibson

Published March 01, 2023
Canadian born Geoff Ryman is one of the most innovative and acclaimed authors writing in Fantasy and SF.…

Geoff Ryman

Published January 18, 2023
Maud Woolf is a Scottish speculative writer with a particular focus on horror and science fiction. Her work…

Maud Woolf

Published January 18, 2023

Originally from the north of England, Honey now lives in Las Vegas where she spends much of her

Honey Watson

Published October 19, 2022
A long-time fan of speculative fiction, Chris Faraday has been writing his whole life. His earliest novels included…

Chris Faraday

Published August 11, 2022
Daniel Polansky is the author of the Low Town trilogy, Empty Throne duology, the Hugo-nominated novella The Builders,…

Daniel Polansky

Published August 10, 2022
Joshua David Bellin is a college teacher by day, and has published numerous works of fantasy and science…

Joshua David Bellin

Published July 28, 2022
Jane Hennigan was born and raised in Aldershot in Hampshire. After a decade working in E-commerce, she gained…

Jane Hennigan

Published July 25, 2022
DANIEL CHURCH is a British horror writer. His writing is inspired by a lifelong passion for the genre…

Daniel Church

Published April 01, 2022
Keith Brooke is the Philip K. Dick award shortlisted author of more than a dozen novels for adults

Keith Brooke

Published March 08, 2022
Eric Brown was the BSFA award-winning author of more than 20 novels and as many novellas. He had

Eric Brown

Published March 08, 2022
Ever Dundas, author of critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller HellSans, lives in Edinburgh. She gained a Creative Writing…

Ever Dundas

Published March 08, 2022
Dan Koboldt is a geneticist. His popular blog series “Science in Sci Fi, Fact in Fantasy”, has led…

Dan Koboldt

Published February 11, 2022
Juliet E. McKenna is the author of 15 epic fantasy novels set in the world of Einarinn,  as…

Juliet E. McKenna

Published February 11, 2022
Mary Baader Kaley is a realtor in the south suburbs of Chicago with a master’s degree in Psychology.

Mary Baader Kaley

Published January 21, 2022