Announcing Lessons in Birdwatching

We are very pleased to announce we will be publishing Lessons in Birdwatching, a sci-fi epic debut from Honey Watson on 8th August 2023. Lessons in Birdwatching is a darkly comic, politically charged novel set in a post-earth future, where beings—human and otherwise—careen towards annihilation in service of zealotry and nihilism alike. A smart, political, […]

NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: Liege-Killer: The Graphic Novel

Today is a good day. Today is a great day. Today, we are announcing Angry Robot’s… FIRST EVER GRAPHIC NOVEL! Liege-Killer: The Graphic Novel, written by the excellent Christopher Hinz, and illustrated by Jon Procter, will be released in June 2019… best summer yet.. am I right?! Hinz’s award-winning novel has been stunningly reimagined as […]

COVER REVEAL: The Light Brigade

It’s always an auspicious day when we can share news about Kameron Hurley, and today is one of those days, as we show off the new UK cover for The Light Brigade, which we’re publishing on this tiny, green isle. The novel, which is being published by Saga Press in the US, will be hitting […]


It’s here! The cover for Anna Kashina’s newest novel, Shadowblade, has arrived and let us tell you, it is GORGEOUS. Shadowblade – the first in a new series from Prism Award-winning Anna – is a fantasy romance which reminds us that swords are sexy and court intrigue captivating. Here’s the synopsis: Naia dreams of becoming […]

COVER REVEAL: The Bayern Agenda

Another day, another beautiful cover to show off. A few months ago we read a novel. A cold war novel, set in another galaxy, with snarky characters and a plot like you wouldn’t believe. This book, this excellent book, was Dan Moren‘s The Bayern Agenda. Needless to say we purchased it, and it will be […]

COVER REVEAL: Pure Chocolate

The most zany, heartwarming and fun series is back, with Amber Royer‘s Pure Chocolate! We’re so excited for you to read all about the continuing adventures of Bo Benitez and her friends, as they cross the galaxy encountering terrifying aliens and fighting bad guys, when the book hits shelves in March 2019. Seems such a […]

Cover Reveal: God of Broken Things

We’ve got a brand new cover reveal for you all! You’ve hopefully already picked up Cameron Johnston’s brilliantly wrought grimdark The Traitor God, which we released this past June. Hot on its heels comes the sequel, God of Broken Things, which will be hitting shelves in June 2019 and which now has a flipping badass […]

Cover Reveal: The Outside by Ada Hoffmann

Ahoy here, Robot fans! [add_to_cart_w_image sku=”AR9780857668141″ alignment=”Right”] Today we have a new cover reveal for you! This time it’s for Ada Hoffmann‘s fabulous BIG IDEA sci-fi, with a smattering Lovecraftian horror, The Outside. Here’s the synopsis: Autistic scientist Yasira Shien has developed a radical new energy drive that could change the future of humanity. But […]

Cover Reveal: The Fall of Io

Cover reveal, hoooooOOOOO! It’s that time again! Now, you should be – and if not, why not, huh? Huh? Huh? – already acquainted with the antics of Ella Patel who was, in Wesley Chu’s fast paced and action packed sci-fi novel The Rise of Io, forced to share her head with the alien Io, a […]

COVER REVEAL: Darius Hinks’ The Ingenious

Humans, we have official news. It has come to our attention that the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog has recently posted an article detailing the cover art for Darius Hinks‘ The Ingenious by none other than John Coulthart, creator of such covers as Under the Pendulum Sun and Moonshine. It is important that you head […]

The Sisters Mederos to Germany PLUS Fog Season Cover Reveal

Happy Friday, humans! We’ve got some good news for all fans of Patrice Sarath’s The Sisters Mederos: the crack team at Watkins Media have sold German rights to the novel to Feder & Schwert GmbH. So, if your German is up to scratch and you want to read The Sisters Mederos in both English and […]

Cover Reveal: The Outlaw & The Upstart King

Hail, meaty beings! We have a new cover to show off to you! Today it’s the artwork for The Outlaw & The Upstart King, the second in Rod Duncan‘s Map of Unknown Things series, and it’s absolutely wonderful. We’ll tell you a bit more about the book below but for now feast your eyes upon […]

Cover Reveal: Gates of the Dead by James A Moore

As the Ancient Greeks know, trying to kill Gods is a really bad idea. Alas Brogan McTyre and his band of friends didn’t get that memo and now the majority of the Five Kingdoms lies in ruin. Still, despite the perils happening within James A Moore‘s The Tides of War series, the novels always have […]

COVER REVEAL: Five Unicorn Flush

Do you remember way back in July when we published T J Berry‘s incredible debut, Space Unicorn Blues? Well, we’re here to tell you that the sequel, Five Unicorn Flush is coming, and it now has a gorgeous, gorgeous new cover. Full metal thanks, as always to cover artist extraordinaire, Lee Gibbons. Head on over […]