Cover Reveal: The Fall of Io

Cover reveal, hoooooOOOOO! It’s that time again! Now, you should be – and if not, why not, huh? Huh? Huh? – already acquainted with the antics of Ella Patel who was, in Wesley Chu’s fast paced and action packed sci-fi novel The Rise of Io, forced to share her head with the alien Io, a low-ranking Quasing with a bit of an attitude problem. Well, we say that Io has one… so too does Ella, the streetwise kid you definitely wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of. Now, in sequel The Fall of Io – which hits shelves this coming January – Ella and Io are back… it seems no matter if they’re done with the Quasings, because the Quasings definitely aren’t done with them. Here’s the official synopsis: When Ella Patel’s mind was invaded by the Quasing alien, Io, she was dragged into the raging Prophus versus Genjix war. Despite her reservations, and Io’s incompetence, the Prophus were determined to train her as an agent. It didn’t go well. Expelled after just two years, Ella happily returned to con artistry, and bank robberies. But the Quasing war isn’t done with them yet. The Genjix’s plan to contact their homeworld has reached a critical stage, threatening all life on Earth. To complete the project they need Io’s knowledge – and he’s in Ella’s head – so now they’re both being hunted, again. The Io series is loosely tied to Wesley’s The Lives of Tao series, which won an Alex Award and was shortlisted for the John W Campbell Award. Wes is also well known for his Time Salvager series, and is about to release a Shadowhunters novel with Cassandra Clare, which focuses on the life of warlock bae Magnus Bane. Check below for the full, glorious artwork for The Fall of Io. Our hearty robot thanks to Ignacio Lazcano for the stellar work. The Fall of Io by Wesley Chu

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