COVER REVEAL: The Bayern Agenda

Another day, another beautiful cover to show off. A few months ago we read a novel. A cold war novel, set in another galaxy, with snarky characters and a plot like you wouldn’t believe. This book, this excellent book, was Dan Moren‘s The Bayern Agenda. Needless to say we purchased it, and it will be hitting all good bookshelves in March 2019. Here’s the synopsis: Simon Kovalic, top intelligence operative for the Commonwealth of Independent Systems, is on the frontline of the burgeoning Cold War with the aggressive Illyrican Empire. He barely escapes his latest mission with a broken arm, and vital intel which points to the Empire cozying up to the Bayern Corporation: a planet-sized bank. There’s no time to waste, but with Kovalic out of action, his undercover team is handed over to his ex-wife, Lt Commander Natalie Taylor. When Kovalic’s boss is tipped off that the Imperium are ready and waiting, it’s up to the wounded spy to rescue his team and complete the mission before they’re all caught and executed. We know, right? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? And now, we’ve got the cover to show off too and let us tell you, it is equally brilliant, thanks to the talent that is Amazing15. Head on over to our friends at SciFiNow and take a look at the cover in all its glory, plus a blog post from Dan on why he thinks James Bond is a bit of a crappy spy. Just click the teaser image below to be taken straight to the post.

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