Dream Stalkers


Shadow Watch agents Audra and Mr. Jinx must investigate a new drug called Shut-eye and stop a wave of Incubi that are possessing people through their dreams.

File Under: Urban Fantasy [ End of the (Dream) World | A Great Awakening | Crazy Train | Shifting Realities ]

The second book in the Shadow Watch series

A new drug – Shut-Eye – has been developed in the dreamland, and smuggled into our world. It’s addictive, and dangerous, and Shadow Watch agents Audra and Mr Jinx are on the case, preparing new recruits to deal with the problem.

Meanwhile, a wave of ancient, bodiless Incubi are entering the dreams of humans in an attempt to possess them and live new lives. Only the criminally insane would ever risk a confrontation with them.

Thank goodness, then, for Mr Jinx: clown, Shadow Watch agent, psychopath.