Embedded is a nail-biting, seat-of-the-pants ride – which also has serious things to say about war and the news media.”
Eric Brown for The Guardian

A journalist gets himself to the front line by being chipped into the brain of a combat soldier… but when that soldier is killed, he has to take over the body and get himself back home again…

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From the multi-million NYT bestselling author…

To veteran war correspondent Lex Falk, covering the ongoing peacekeeping operation on Planet 86 seems like just another boring assignment, until a bloody bombing occurs which military high command seems strangely keen to keep the media from reporting.

In an effort to reach the heart of the action, Lex gets himself ‘chipped’ inside the head of a soldier on his way to the frontlines. But on the brink of uncovering the story of a lifetime, the soldier is killed, leaving Lex trapped… And his only hope of revealing the truth lies in somehow getting home.