Where it Rains in Color

by: Denise Crittendon
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Lileala has just been named the Rare Indigo – beauty among beauties – and is about to embrace her stardom, until something threatens to change her whole lifestyle and turn the planet of Swazembi upside down.

File Under: Science Fantasy [ True Colors | Embrace the Change | What Will Be | Dancing in the Rain ]



Swazembi is a blazing, color-rich utopia and the vacation center of the galaxy. This idyllic, peace-loving world is home to waterless seas, filled with cascading neon vapors. No one is used to serious trouble here, especially Lileala, whose radiance has just earned her the revered title of Rare Indigo, the highest and most sacred of honours. But her perfect lifestyle is shattered when her skin becomes infected with a debilitating disease. The unthinkable happens – Lileala Walata Sundiata loses her ability to shimmer. Where her skin should glisten like diamonds mixed with coal, instead it dulls and forms scar tissue. On top of that, she starts to hear voices in her head, making her paranoid and confused.
But Lileala’s destiny goes far beyond her beauty. Soon, a new power awakens inside her and she realises her whole life, and the galaxy, is about to change…

“Mysteries lurk beneath the candy-colored surface of this novel, just as they do on Swazembi, the richly detailed and marvelously inventive setting of this luminous tale. A captivating story about trusting received wisdom, challenging the status quo and owning one’s power. I loved it.”
– Khan Wongauthor of The Circus Infinite

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Where it Rains in Colour

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6th December 2022 | 9781915202130 | epub & mobi | £4.99/$6.99/$7.99

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6th December 2022 | 9781915202123 | TPB | £9.99/$15.99/$16.99

Denise Crittendon

Before making the big leap into the world of sci-fi & fantasy, Denise held a string of journalism jobs. In addition to being a staff writer for The Detroit News and The Kansas City Star, she was  editor-in-chief of the NAACP’s national magazine, The Crisis. Later, she became founding editor of a Michigan-based lifestyle publication for black families. After self-publishing two manuals that empower youth, “Girl in the Mirror, A Teen’s Guide to Self-Awareness” and “Life is a Party That Comes with Exams,” she entered the new-age healing movement as a motivational speaker for teens. These days, she fulfills ghostwriting assignments for clients and writes speculative fiction on the side. She divides her time between Spring Valley, Nevada and her hometown, Detroit, Mich.

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