by: Ever Dundas
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HellSans is an innovative, edgy near-future dystopian science fiction thriller that points a satirical lense on how government treats the disabled…

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The thought-provoking new novel from award-winning author Ever Dundas HellSans is a ubiquitous typeface, enforced by the government in all communications and in all public spaces. It is the ultimate control device. The majority of the population experience bliss when they see the typeface, but there’s a minority who are allergic to it. The HellSans Allergic (HSAs) are persecuted, and live on the streets or in a ghetto on the outskirts of the capital city. Jane Ward, CEO of the company that manufactures the Inex – a cyborg doll-like creature that has replaced the smart phone as the essential aid and accessory – has everything: fame and fortune, until she falls ill with the allergy and becomes embroiled in the government’s internal power struggles. She loses her job and her wealth, ending up in the ghetto until she is rescued by Dr Icho Smith. Icho is a scientist who has developed a cure for the allergy, but she is on the run from the government and the Seraphs (the ghetto ‘terrorist’ group), who all have their own agenda for the cure. Jane and Icho work together, aiming to expose government corruption and bring the cure to the HSAs. HellSans is written in three parts. Parts one and two can be read in either order which provides a unique approach to the perspectives of the haves and have-nots…

“If you like your near future sci-fi dystopia delivered straight up, then HellSans will pull you into a dark, brilliantly imagined world. We are lucky to have Ever Dundas’ inimitable talent, HellSans’ rage, love and sorrow is perfectly contained!”
– Jenni Fagan, bestselling author of Luckenbooth

“This terrific book; a dark and clever sci-fi social satire.”
– Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat

“Clever, terrifying, and full of love and rage – I’m deeply jealous.”
– Mat Osman, author of  The Ruins

“HellSans is speculative fiction at its best: political, fearless, smart, badass. And also with tons of horrific body horror and cruelty from just about everyone. To put it down is unthinkable, you care about everything and everyone all the time.”
– Mariana Enriquez, author of International Booker shortlisted The Dangers of Smoking in Bed

“This is visceral, powerful writing that gets right under your skin, that provokes the kind of physical reaction that leaves you reeling. I was enraged, I was inspired – I want to read every word that Ever Dundas writes.”
– Helen Sedgwick, author of The Growing Season



“In my opinion, the best debut fiction by a Scottish author since 2012. Profoundly affecting, intellectually challenging and beautifully written. An instant classic of modern mythology.”
– Stuart Kelly, The Scotsman

“Terrific… Goblin brims throughout with reckless joy.”
– Peter Ross, The Guardian

“Enthralling… a captivating debut… Dundas presents us with an iconic protagonist: a powerful imaginative force who looks beyond the façade of 20th Century Britain.”
– Alastair Mabbott, The Herald

“A standout debut…sophisticated.”
– Nick Barley, Herald, Books of the Year 2017

“Confounds your expectations and enchants your sensibilities… an indelible and haunting novel.”
– Alistair Braidwood, Scots Whay Hae

“A love letter to the outcasts, rebels and underdogs … a dazzling narrative … Unflinching, raw and diamond bright.”
– Megan Kenny, Disclaimer Magazine

“Magic Realist stories often see their hero slipping off somewhere fantastical to escape the harshness of the real world. In a good story, you’re often not sure whether these moments of magic are real or the imaginative embellishments of a vulnerable mind. In a great story, you’re left feeling like it really doesn’t matter. Goblin is a great story.”
– Ross McIndoe, The Skinny

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11th October 2022 | 9781915202260 | epub & mobi | £4.99/$6.99/$7.99


11th October 2022 | 9781915202215 | Paperback | £9.99/$15.99/$17.99

Ever Dundas

Ever Dundas, author of HellSans, is a queer crip writer living in Edinburgh. She gained a Creative Writing Masters with Distinction from Edinburgh Napier University in 2011, and she has a First Class Degree in Psychology and Sociology from Queen Margaret University. She has had several short stories published and her debut novel Goblin won the Saltire First Book of the Year Award 2017. With fellow writer Julie Farrell, she co-founded Inklusion, a kickass guide to making literature events accessible for disabled people, launching August 2022.

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