HellSans is an innovative, edgy near-future dystopian science fiction thriller that points a satirical lense on how government treats the disabled…

File Under: Science Fiction [ Dystopian Nightmare | Typography Matters | Artificial Friends | Nevertheless Resist ]

Hellsans is the thought-provoking new novel from award-winning author Ever Dundas

HellSans is a ubiquitous typeface, enforced by the government. It appears in all communications and in all public spaces. The ultimate control device. The majority of the population experience bliss when they see it, but there are some who are allergic. Rather than being helped, the HellSans Allergic (HSAs) are persecuted, and forced to live on the streets on the outskirts of the city.

Jane Ward is the CEO of the company that manufactures the Inex. This is a cyborg doll-like creature that has replaced the smart phone as the essential aid and accessory. She has everything, until she falls ill with the allergy and becomes embroiled in the government’s internal power struggles. She loses her job and her wealth and ends up on the streets. That is, until she is rescued by Dr Icho Smith.

Icho is a scientist who has developed a cure for the allergy, but she is on the run from the government and the Seraphs (the ‘terrorist’ group), who all have their own agenda for the cure. Jane and Icho work together, aiming to expose government corruption and bring the cure to the HSAs.

HellSans is written in three parts. Parts one and two can be read in either order which provides a unique approach to the perspectives of the haves and have-nots…