Triumff contains the three things I love most in fantasy: awesome magic, thrilling adventure, a truly original world and some really dreadful puns.”
Trudi Canavan

Vivat Regina!

File Under: Fantasy [ Buckle Your Swash | Ebony Serpent | Do You Feel Opportune? | As You Like It ]

It is the year 2010, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth XXX sits upon the throne of the Anglo-Hispanic Empire. Fuelled by alchemy and superstition, the Elizabethan era has endured unchallenged for almost 450 years. But now, a shadow conspiracy threatens to bring it to a violent end…

Unfortunately for roguish adventurer Sir Rupert Triumff, lately fallen from favour at court, he makes the perfect scapegoat. If Triumff is to uncover the plot, save the Queen, and clear his name, he’ll need all his wit, skill, and charm, and every tool in his magical Coutteau suisse. Even the nail buffer.

From the madcap mind of multi-million selling author Dan Abnett comes a furious maelstrom of incredible swordfights, wild invention, and truly awful puns.