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Thirteen Ways to Kill Lulabelle Rock


In a world of glitzy glamour and burgeoning technology, washed up star Lulabelle Rock employs a clone of herself to kill the other twelve versions of herself.

File Under: Science Fiction [ Blade Runner Barbie | Time to Kill | All of Me | Tarot Reading ]

Set in a world of the near future, the celebrity elite have access to a technology that allows them to make perfect copies of themselves, known as Portraits. These Portraits exist to fulfil all the various duties that come as the price of fame.

Our protagonist is the thirteenth copy made of the actress known as Lulabelle Rock. Her purpose is very simple: to track down and eliminate her predecessors.

While initially easy, her task is made difficult by the labyrinthine confusion of Bubble City and the unfortunate stirrings of a developing conscience. When she makes the mistake of falling in love with one of her targets, the would-be assassin faces the ultimate question; when you don’t want to kill yourself, what’s the alternative?