The Nova Incident


The third book in the Galactic Cold War series…

“If you’re looking for Mission: Impossible in space, look no further.”
Antony Johnston, creator of Atomic Blonde and The Coldest Winter

File Under: Science Fiction [ Galactic Cold War | Friends close | Enemies closer | Nowhere to Run ]

The Nova Incident is the third book in the spy-fi spectacular series, The Galactic Cold War.

When a bomb explodes in the bustling Commonwealth capital city of Salaam, responsibility is quickly claimed by an extremist independence movement. But after a former comrade, an ex-spy with his own agenda, is implicated in the attack, Simon Kovalic and his team of covert operatives are tasked with untangling the threads of a dangerous plot that could have implications on a galactic scale. And the deeper Kovalic digs, the more he’ll uncover a maze of secrets, lies, and deception that may force even the most seasoned spy to question his own loyalties.