The Blood Dimmed Tide


The sequel to 2023’s¬†The Judas Blossom;¬†a sprawling historical fantasy with high stakes at the heart of war…¬†

File Under: Fantasy

Kaivon, the last Persian General, is celebrating as Hulagu Khan’s dream of conquering the whole world lies in tatters. But the fight is not yet done, as Persia is still occupied by Mongol invaders.
Betrayed by his cousin in the north, Hulagu must strike back at the Golden Horde, weakening the Mongol Empire even further with another civil war.
Temujin, the youngest son of Hulagu, has developed abilities that can destroy a city’s walls in a heartbeat. Unwilling to trust his father with something so powerful, he abandons the Empire. Recruited by others like him, Temujin seeks to restore balance to the world, whilst learning more about what he has become.
Kokochin is the newest member of a secret society that protects Persia. She has found her¬†purpose, but her double life has been exposed. Now, she must find a way to escape the clutches of Empress, who seeks to use Kokochin’s abilities to further their husband’s plans of conquest.


Deep within the Empire, a new threat is rising. One so dangerous that it could overshadow the legacy of Genghis Khan and change the world.

The sequel to Stephen Aryan’s acclaimed The Judas Blossom, The Blood Dimmed Tide combines the history of the Mongol Empire’s bloodthirsty invasion of Persia with a unique magical world