The Age Atomic

by: Adam Christopher



The second Empire State novel – Rad Bradley and the denizens of the pocket universe face a new and deadly threat: transdimensional invasion!

“If you’re not careful, Adam Christopher will melt your face off with The Age Atomic: the heat of the prose pairs with searing action. This is fireball storytelling and a rare follow-up that’s better than its predecessor.”
– Chuck Wendig, author of Blackbirds Mockingbird and The Blue Blazes

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The sequel to Empire State – the superhero-noir fantasy thriller set in the other New York. The Empire State is dying. The Fissure connecting the pocket universe to New York has vanished, plunging the city into a deep freeze and the populace are demanding a return to Prohibition and rationing as energy supplies dwindle. Meanwhile, in 1954 New York, the political dynamic has changed and Nimrod finds his department subsumed by a new group, Atoms For Peace, led by the mysterious Evelyn McHale. As Rad uncovers a new threat to his city, Atoms For Peace prepare their army for a transdimensional invasion. Their goal: total conquest – or destruction – of the Empire State.
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The Age Atomic

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Adam Christopher was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and grew up watching Pertwee-era Doctor Who and listening to The Beatles, which isn't a bad start for a child of the 80s. In 2006, Adam moved to the sunny North West of England, where he now lives in domestic bliss with his wife and cat in a house next to a canal, although he has yet to take up any fishing-related activities. Adam's short fiction has appeared in Pantechnicon, Hub, and Dark Fiction Magazine, and has been nominated for the British Science Fiction Association, British Fantasy Society, and Parsec awards. In 2010, as an editor, Adam won a Sir Julius Vogel award, New Zealand's highest science fiction honour. When not writing Adam can be found drinking tea and obsessing over DC Comics, Stephen King, and The Cure. He is also a strong advocate for social media, especially Twitter, which he spends far too much time on, avoiding work.

“A wonderful novel, The Age Atomic proves that Adam Christopher can write sequels just as well as anyone. The most fun read of 2013 so far, and one of the best. 5/5
– The Founding Fields

“The sequel to last year’s Empire State sees Christopher’s ‘pocket universe’ alt-Manhattan under threat from earth tremors, endless winter, and an army of killer robots. The nuclear terror of the Red Menace era is filtered through a fusion of SF and gumshoe novel to superb effect.”
– James Lovegrove, Financial Times

The Age Atomic is another masterful tale by Adam Christopher. An action-packed noir Atompunk tale with more layers, facettes and twists than one would expect and which keeps the reader enthralled from the first to the last page. Highly recommended reading! 10 out of 10 Zeppelins”
– Traveler at Daily Steampunk

“While the ideas behind this series show that Adam is imaginative and bright, it’s the writing that keeps you enthralled. I couldn’t tell you the amount of evenings where I lost track of time reading this book – it’s that good.”
– Brandon at Every Read Thing

“A glorious and joyous ode to the pulp science fiction of old. Awesome fun, from start to finish, just straight up, pure entertainment.”
A Writer’s Sidequest

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