Key Lime Sky



An alien invasion hits the town of Muddy Gap, but a disgruntled pie aficionado is the only one who seems to remember it…

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Passionate pie aficionado Denver Bryant is in a rut. Chasing a moment of viral popularity from months ago, their blog posts aren’t resulting in big numbers, leaving them in dire financial straits, and no way to pay next month’s rent.
Driving home from a tasting gone wrong, Denver witnesses a UFO explode intoshards of light over their tiny town of Muddy Gap, Wyoming. Yet when they ask their neighbors about it, it appears that Denver’s the only one who cares. And everyone’s acting… stranger. Frustrated, Denver documents the bizarre incidents on their pie blog, and their online popularity skyrockets. Their readers want the truth, spurring them to get to the bottom of things.


The only person who takes them seriously is the new (and handsome) bartender in town, Ezra. But as romance burgeons between the two, they find they are trapped in Muddy Gap’s rapidly changing landscape. It turns out that an alien presence is planting its roots deep in the town, and reality is now folding in on itself. Denver’s always been more of an outsider than a hero, but they’re determined to ensure that a world with Ezra – and pie – still exists tomorrow.


Key Lime Sky is the second book from AL Hess at Angry Robot – check out his previous work, World Running Down

Al Hess is also a fantastic artist – check out his instagram!
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