Inherit the Flame


Detan and company return to his aunt’s city to find it under seige by several factions. His aunt strikes a bargain with Thratia to protect the city from the imperial army, but Detan won’t have it and launches a desperate plot to make sure that in the end, Thratia loses as well.

“Read the trilogy; it is very much worthy of your attention.”
– Morpheus Tales

File Under: Fantasy [ Fire With Fire | Doppel Trouble | Worldbreaker | A Cunning Plan ]

The third book in the Scorched Continent series

Detan Honding is determined to survive this war, even when caught between not one but two besieging armies! After rescuing the renowned engineer Nouli from the clutches of the empire, the valiant rogue has returned to his aunt’s city – to find it under siege by Thratia’s army. With Nouli’s help, they manage to turn back the tide, at least until imperial forces descend, prepared to hammer the Thratian force against the anvil of the city’s walls. Worse yet, the imperial advance is aided by an elite force of dark magicians.

His aunt is forced to forge an uneasy alliance with Thratia to keep the city from falling back under imperial control – but Detan’s wary. While Thratia and his aunt bring their forces to bear against the new threat, Detan puts his own plans into motion – to ensure that when the final blow is dealt, Thratia and her army will find themselves on the other side of the city’s walls.