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An Oath of Dogs


“All of Wendy Wagner’s stories feature a rare and precious element: tremendous heart. An Oath of Dogs is an excellent example of this – with an expansive SFF universe, exploration of philosophy, theology, and issues right at the heart of what it means to colonize a strange world. Wagner’s characters are compelling and true. An Oath of Dogs combines echoes of Vernor Vinge and Sherri S Tepper with Wagner’s own unique vision for the planet of Huginn and those who are trying to survive the planet, and each other.”
Fran Wilde, Andre Norton & Compton Crook-award winning, Nebula Nominated author of Updraft and Cloudbound

When Kate Standish uncovers a corporate conspiracy to commit murder is linked to the deaths of a dozen colonists, she risks her job and her life to uncover the truth.

File Under: Science Fiction [ Colony World | Into the Woods | Leader of the Pack | Woman’s Best Friend ]

Kate Standish has been on the forest-world of Huginn less than a week and she’s already pretty sure her new company murdered her boss. But the little town of mill workers and farmers is more worried about eco-terrorism and a series of attacks by the bizarre, sentient dogs of this planet, than a death most people would like to believe is an accident. That is, until Kate’s investigation uncovers a conspiracy which threatens them all.