Angry Robot Open Submission’s Period 2024

For transparency, we’ve decided to keep this post up on our website. For further information on our 2024 Open Submissions period, please read this post instead.



You’ve asked (and asked, and asked) and so we are delighted to announce that the Angry Robot Open Submissions Period will be happening again this year, from the 22nd to the 28th April 2024! We will be open to SFFH writers without agent representation for one week only.


The AR team are very excited to see what fantastically weird and spellbinding SFF novels you submit. In the past, our Open Submissions have led to the publication of some of our well-loved books, including The Last Phi Hunter by Salinee Goldenberg. This is your chance to wow us with your manuscripts. We’re looking for new and exciting stories, and particularly encourage writers of colour and LGBTQ+ authors to submit. Send in your stories – we promise to take care of them.


The Submission period will run for one week, from Monday the 22nd of April to Sunday the 28th April 2022, closing 11.59pm GMT on the 28th. We don’t prioritise early submissions, so take the time you need to polish your documents before you send them in!


We will be doing things very different this year. We will be using something called Storywise, which is a non generative AI system that will help us sort submissions. This means that it does not learn from author’s works to inform an AI model, and therefore the AI model is not trained by your work. Your manuscripts are in no danger of being released to the internet or plagiarised. To learn more about Storywise, please read this blog post.

To apply for our Open Submissions period, please email and send us:

  • A sample that consists of the first three chapters of your work (or first fifty pages).
  • A synopsis of the full work in a separate Word document.
  • An elevator pitch and author bio in your email.

If you feel uncomfortable about submitting through Storywise, our original inbox, will be open for submissions on the 27th and 28th of April. Submissions sent through this inbox will be subject to longer wait times for responses from the team, and anything sent before the 27th will not be considered. 


We are looking for:

  • Novel length works.
  • Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.
  • Adult fiction.
  • Finished manuscripts.


We are NOT looking for:

  • Short story collections or novellas.
  • Young Adult Fiction.
  • Works in Progress.
  • Works that have been submitted to our Open Submissions before – unless they have had a significant rework (rewritten or structurally edited completely).
  • Previously published works, including self published.

If we like your submission, we will get in touch to request the full manuscript and go from there! Only one submission per author, and remember that the Open Submissions period is exclusively for authors who do not have an agent. Submissions sent before 22nd April will NOT be considered.


Good luck! We can’t wait to read your amazing submissions.

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