Open Submissions 2024 Update: 15th April 2024

Open Submissions Update (15 April 2024)


Timeline: The inbox will be open for two days on 22nd – 23rd April

Submissions welcome only in the genres of Science-fiction, Fantasy and Horror 

Word count: under 120,000


Please send the first 3 chapters, synopsis and covering email to


These submissions will be reviewed among the team and not through any external platform.


We will confirm the expected review time once the window is closed and submissions have been tallied, but due to team constraints and time, our current estimation is 12 months minimum to fully review the inbox. Please note, if you don’t hear from us by the end of this time we will not be taking your submission forward. 


As we have always done with Open Submissions, if we make you an offer we will give you time and support in finding an agent if you want to work with one. 


Please note: any submissions outside these genres, word count, or emails received outside the time window will not be considered and will not receive a reply. 

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13 thoughts on "Open Submissions 2024 Update: 15th April 2024"

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  1. Is this a change from the previously given window? The last blog post said that Storywise submissions would be open from the 22 to the 28, and that submissions outside Storywise should be sent on the 27th or 28th. We were advised to take time to polish our manuscripts, but now it would be too late to submit according to this post. It would be helpful to have a little clarity around the dates.

    1. We changed the window due to public concerns over the use of an automated system to sort submissions. Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions we received, team priorities and the amount of time it takes for us to generally sort through our open submissions inbox, we had to limit the open submissions period. We released this change a week before the submissions window opened and also linked it on both previous blog posts.

  2. Just letting you know, the email address link is a different address than the one spelled out. Hopefully it’s not a problem that I submitted to the wrong address first.

  3. Hi, I sent a submission at 00:02 GMT today/opening day but haven’t received an auto-response confirming receipt, are you able to confirm if you received my submission safely – or should I try and resend? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi again. Just thought of another question! If someone submits a novel to you and then it’s picked up by another publisher in the meantime (i.e. a small press etc.), would we email you to see if you’d like to offer too – or simply withdraw it? If the latter, could we submit something else in its place?

    1. Please withdraw your submission with the reason why it’s being withdrawn (i.e., picked up by an agent/publisher). We can’t accept any its place as we’ve received quite a few submissions.

  5. Hi there. Are multiple submissions allowed? I have 2-3 titles I’d like to submit. All of them fit your guidelines but are very different – i.e. one is time travel, one is fantasy, and one was previously rejected in an Open Door several years ago but I was told it was a close call and I wonder if you’d be open to the reworked version, but I’d also like to send you something new. Could I submit more than one?


13 thoughts on "Open Submissions 2024 Update: 15th April 2024"

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