Like A Boss by Adam Rakunas

Our lovely Adam Rakunas, author of Philip K. Dick Award-nominated Windswept and its just released sequel Like A Boss, is holding a reading/signing at 9PM on Wednesday 29 June at Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego.

Joining Adam will be Nebula, World Fantasy and John W. Campbell Award-winning author Ted Chiang.

Here’s more detail on the event:

io9 commented, “A linguist and a theoretical physicist are the stars of the latest movie from the director of Sicario and the upcoming Blade Runner 2. The movie is Story of Your Life, based on the short story by Ted Chiang, and this Amy Adams/Jeremy Renner movie looks awesome.”
Ted will be joined by Adam Rakunas, whose Like a Boss returns readers to the world of Windswept, last year’s Philip K. Dick nominated-title. Padma Mehta has realized her dream of owning a rum distillery, and believes she has retired from her labor organizer duties – until her nemesis is released from prison, and forms a cult. Thanks to the generosity of Adam’s publisher, Angry Robot, readers will also be treated to tacos from Taco Surf and beer from a local distillery.

Yeah, you heard that right, we’re sorting y’all out with tacos and beer. So that’s beer + tacos + TWO great authors. What are you waiting for?!

For more information, pop on over to the Facebook event page.

And here’s your handy map, just in case you need directions:

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GoodReads Giveaways!

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Pssst! You lot! We’ve got a bumper crop of giveaways over on GoodReads this month and we thought we’d give you a little heads up, so you can (hopefully) win a copy of your favourite July book! Just click on the widgets below to enter each giveaway (location-based restrictions apply). Each book will hit shelves July 5 (US/Can) / July 7 (UK/R.o.W).

Were you a big fan of the RPG City of Heroes? Then Paige Orwin‘s The Interminables is the book for you. It’s also the book for you if you never played the online game, because any novel about best friends with super powers who spend their time trying to stop an arms smuggling ring in a near future dystopian city and stumble into a shadow war…well, there’s a lot of rather appealing stuff to be excited about, isn’t there?

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Interminables by Paige Orwin

The Interminables

by Paige Orwin

Giveaway ends June 30, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

The sequel to Alyc Helms‘ brilliant urban-fantasy-with-dragons is heading to bookstores and we couldn’t be more excited for a continuation of the Missy Masters series. The Conclave of Shadow continues Missy’s struggle to save San Francisco – and the world – from the evil in the Shadow Realms. This series is a must for anyone that likes their fiction pulpy, their mythology rich and just a dash of supernatural romance on the side. 

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Conclave of Shadow by Alyc Helms

The Conclave of Shadow

by Alyc Helms

Giveaway ends July 04, 2016.
See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

If you’re in the US or Canada only we’ve got just the giveaway for you! 5 copies of The Copper PromiseJen Williams‘ sword and sorcery novel that reads like your most favourite D&D game and stars one of the coolest female protagonists around, are up for grabs. Released through Headline in the UK, The Copper Promise has already been bathed in the warm glow of praise, with Adrian Tchaikovsky pronouncing Jen “a fast-paced and original new voice in heroic fantasy.”

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Copper Promise by Jen Williams

The Copper Promise

by Jen Williams

Giveaway ends July 04, 2016.
See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

And for those based in the UK/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand only, a giveaway for Wesley Chu‘s hotly anticipated sequel to Time Salvager, Time Siege! We don’t want to give too much away but rest assured that this is a sci-fi novel as expansive in breadth and vision as the first novel in the series, which was described by NYT best-selling author Kevin Hearne as “powerful and compelling”.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Time Siege by Wesley Chu

Time Siege

by Wesley Chu

Giveaway ends July 05, 2016.See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

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Danielle L. Jensen, author of the breathtaking Malediction trilogy – a story of love, trolls and magic – will be taking part in an ‘Author Ask‘ with Elise Kova, author of the Air Awakens and Loom Sagas on Friday, June 24.

The chat will be live and streamed via YouTube at 9:00PM EST, so make sure to put on your pjs, grab a cool lemonade and tune in. In Elise’s words Danielle will be talking about “her books, life, the universe, and everything.”

Danielle will also be taking questions from fans prior to interview. So if you want to know why Marc is just so darn lovely, the inspiration for the glass garden, who King Thibault was based on or even if Danielle can sing opera (surely that would be worth a demo!) then make sure to head over to Elise’s blog and post your questions.

If you’d like to meet Danielle in person and are at UtopiaCon in Nashville this weekend, you can find her in the exhibitor hall loaded with swag. Make sure to grab a photo and tweet us or post to our Instagram.

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alyc.jigGood afternoon fellows, and welcome to another Talk Tuesday to Us! This week we have the wonderfully amazing Alyc Helms, author of the urban-fantasy-with-dragons Missy Masters series, which comprises of The Dragons of Heaven and The Conclave of Shadow, the latter of which will be out in the US two weeks today!

Before we get to Alyc’s answers, I’d just like to direct you to this amazing picture of her dancing…I’m not sure where, but look at those moves! Feet in the air, look of pure, joyous concentration on her face. You’re inspiring us to quit publishing and tread the boards instead, Alyc! We’ll have an Angry Robot stage performance to you for Christmas.

With that thought to scare the life out of you, to the questions!

One film:
The Princess Bride, though I’d also direct folks to its conceptual grandparent, The Court Jester.

One book:
The book I give to other people (I’ve bought and given away around ten copies now) is Connie Willis’ collection, Impossible Things. It includes one of the first short stories I remember reading, “Even the Queen,” way back when I was a teen. I didn’t know stories could be that funny and insightful at the same time. Also, it has the incredible “The Last of the Winnebagos” which is a story that guts me every time I read it, and it has “Jack,” the story that first made me interested in the Blitz.

One book to burn:
Nope. Can’t do it. I don’t think all stories are good, but you can never know how a story you think is crap might have a positive, meaningful impact on someone else. I always kind of knew this, but it was driven home for me when I was reading Malala (the biography of Malala Yousafzai). Throughout the book, Malala talks about her two favorite American media – Ugly Betty and Twilight.

Twilight. I groaned. I thought about all the issues it has in the way it represents the control over and disempowerment of young women. But Malala talks about going on a school trip and playing ‘Twilight’ with her classmates, running around the woods pretending to be vampires. And you start to realize, to a girl facing the kind of repression she was, it must be very empowering to encounter a text where women can be vampires, can be as powerful as the men, can have agency, can freely attend school.

The chapter ends with some of the local imams making problems for the school because of the field trip, and Malala comments that she thinks it must be much easier to be a vampire in Twilight than it is to be a girl in Pakistan.

Yeah. I’m not taking that from anyone.

(Interesting side-note: The British nurses treating Malala after she was shot tried to show her the movie Bend It Like Beckham, thinking she’d appreciate Jess’s story. Malala was shocked by all the girls showing their legs and asked the nurses to turn it off halfway through.)

13717-3One song/record:
Hamilton the Musical has been playing in my head on a constant loop since September 2015. I actually considered getting exorbitantly priced secondhand tickets so I could go see it. I settled for getting the season subscription to San Francisco’s local theater so I could be sure to see the tour.

One creative person you’ve always wanted to be:
My best self. The one who wakes up early so she can make tea, light a candle, and get an hour of writing done before work. The one who transcribes her writing every evening so it doesn’t pile up. The one who remembers not to make weekend plans so she can hermit up and spend two whole, glorious days writing until her hand cramps. I love it when I’m her.

One book you wish you’d written:
Is the next one on my list to write. But it won’t be that book by the time I finish it. It will be some other book.

Do you have an unusual talent or skill?Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 15.25.54
At least a half-dozen of them. No, really. I’ve bounced around hobbies enough that I’ve got a decent list of skills built up. I can sew well enough to make a fully boned Victorian corset in six hours (which I did once, as part of a full, six-piece Victorian day ensemble that I churned out in a week). I’ve costumed major musical theater productions on a budget of less than $300. I dance – Scottish Highland, Irish step and ceilidh, English, Morris, ballet, tap, you name it. I can sing pretty well (though my chest voice is way better than my head voice). I know how to work on and run an archaeological project (Phase Ia through Phase IIc). I used to be able to change my own brakes and oil, but I’ve long since passed the point where I feel like I have something to prove, so I’m good with paying other people to do that now. Oh, and I recently taught myself to crochet!

Best place you’ve ever visited?
Cape Wrath, also known as Ultima Thule. The end of the earth. To get there, I had to take a plane (to London), a train (to Inverness), a bus (to Thurso), another bus and then a POSTAL TRUCK (to the Village of Smoo), a bike (to the Cape Wrath tour meeting point), a jeep, a boat (across the Kyle of Durness), and then another jeep.

I sat on the very edge of the cliff with my feet dangling over the ocean, watching the birds below me while I ate my lunch.

Favourite building or structure?
The Rialto Theater, an old 1920s movie and vaudeville theater in South Pasadena. This was the theater that I did 20140707-DSC06168The Rocky Horror Picture Show in for several years. It was my spiritual home during a tranformative period of my life, and a lot of the more bohemian aspect of Missy Masters are drawn from those times. In The Dragons of Heaven, the Rialto makes an incognito appearance as the Pagoda Palace (sadly, the real Pagoda Palace was condemned over twenty years ago and torn down about six months before the book came out). Connie Willis has a short story called “At the Rialto,” (which is her name for a Hollywood hotel in the story) and I keep forgetting to ask her if the Rialto hotel in her story was named after MY Rialto theater.

Things were looking grim for the Rialto for a while, but recently there has been an upsurge in local activity to save and restore the theater as a mult-arts performance venue. I really hope it succeeds. It’s such a gorgeous building, and I have so many happy memories associated with it.

What keeps you awake at night?
My cat. Sometimes he’s just nudging my head out of the way so he can claim more of the pillow, but sometimes he takes it into his head to chew on MY head.

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?
A costumer.

Favourite fancy dress costume?
I’m particularly fond of the late Victorian era. Once you get into the bustle and the natural form shapes, Victorian fashion is the bomb. Mid-century Victorian, on the other hand, is… let’s put it this way. Someone once looked at me in my 1840s togs and said I looked ‘hideously Victorian’… and that was a compliment; it means I got it right.

I also very much love men’s fashion before the 20th century and have made and lost several frock coats and waistcoats.

We’re buying, what’ll you have?
Tea. Lapsang Souchang if they have it (few places do).

lilithWould you write full time if you could?
Absolutely. My favorite thing is when I’ve managed to dodge making weekend plans and I can just hole up for two days, writing. My other favorite thing is to travel with my mom. She likes to go on cruises. I like ‘at sea’ days. I will camp out at a table by a window so I can watch the ocean go by, and I will write from 7am to 7pm and be so, so happy. And then we get dinner and see the show and rinse and repeat.

I am so boring.

Where would you like to be right now?
The Pacific Ocean. Always.

Complete this sentence: rewriting is…
Something I discovered rather late, and I’m so happy I did. My writing got much better once I realized I didn’t have to get it all right the first time.

Complete this sentence: blogging is…
Something I struggle with. I’m reluctant to write on most common topics because I feel like everything has already been said, often by someone smarter than me. Unless I have a useful intervention to make, I’m better off writing stories.

Where would you like to travel?
Everywhere. There are so many places I haven’t been.

If you could share one recipe, what would it be?
I have a ceviche recipe that’s pretty good, and I have a guacamole recipe that people who don’t usually like guacamole tend to love (mostly because mine is about half lime juice!)

Would you rather fight one giant mecha or ten duck sized cyborgs?
Do I have to fight the duckling-sized cyborgs? Couldn’t they just follow me around in a little train?

What’s your karaoke song?
“Part of Your World” with a “Poor Unfortunate Souls” chaser. I can do a decent Ariel and a KICKASS Ursula.

Thanks for joining us, Alyc! The Conclave of Shadow will be in all good bookstores on July 5 (US/Can) / July 7 (UK/R.o.W).

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When we asked Brett Savory if he had an idea for a cover artist for his forthcoming novel A Perfect Machine we heard nothing but some indistinct garbled noises, before a scream of “ERIK MOHR!!” ripped forth from his throat. Whether pre-programmed to say that or not, the decision was made.

What resulted was a truly disturbing and brilliant cover that definitely captures the essence of A Perfect Machine.

We always like to hear a bit about the inspirations from an artist and so asked Erik if he could write us a little something about the evolution of his work for, who kindly took the reveal.

Just click on the teaser image below to be taken to the full article. Brace yourself, it’s a little…dark.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 11.12.34

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Small-size-coverWe were really, really excited to read an early draft of Kameron Hurley‘s forthcoming The Stars Are Legion, so much so that when we heard it didn’t yet have a publisher in the UK/Commonwealth we knew just had to have it for ourselves.

Luckily, Kameron and her agent Hannah Bowman were happy to comply and we’ll be bringing The Stars Are Legion to you in January 2017.

The novel is being published in the US/Can by Saga Press, so for all US publishing enquiries, do give them a shout.

Head over to SFF World for more information on the announcement, plus synopsis.

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Wesley Chu 5-2016-9208_2016 (2)Guys! Exciting news, if you hadn’t heard already! Wesley Chu is back with a whole new series. Now the new cover, designed by the marvellous Tommy Arnold, has been revealed over on the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy blog.

The Rise of Io is an exciting thrills and spills ride full of all the humour you’ve come to expect from Wes, and centres on a woman called Ella, who gets herself into some real trouble thanks to some pesky, snarky aliens. Here’s the synopsis:

Ella Patel – thief, con-artist and smuggler – is in the wrong place at the wrong time. One night, on the border of a demilitarized zone run by the body-swapping alien invaders, she happens upon a man and woman being chased by a group of assailants. The man freezes, leaving the woman to fight off five attackers at once, before succumbing. As she dies, to both Ella and the man’s surprise, the sparkling light that rises from the woman enters Ella, instead of the man. She soon realizes she’s been inhabited by Io, a low-ranking Quasing who was involved in some of the worst decisions in history. Now Ella must now help the alien presence to complete her mission and investigate a rash of murders in the border states that maintain the frail peace.

With the Prophus assigned to help her seemingly wanting to stab her in the back, and the enemy Genjix hunting her, Ella must also deal with Io’s annoying inferiority complex. To top it all off, Ella thinks the damn alien voice in her head is trying to get her killed. And if you can’t trust the voices in your head, who can you trust?

But wait! Doesn’t it sound a lot like The Lives of Tao series? Well! You’d be right. Kind of. The Rise of Io is a whole new series set but it’s still set in the Quasing world. Fret not, if you’ve yet to read a Tao book *stares* this series is a standalone, so will appeal to both current and future fans of Wes’ work.

Just click on the teaser image below to be taken to the full cover reveal, plus interview with Wes.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 13.24.52

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Book Signing: N S Dolkart

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Angry Robot Author, N. S. DolkartN S Dolkart, debut author of the epic fantasy Silent Hall, will be holding a book signing on June 15 at Wellesley Books in Wellesley, MA to celebrate its upcoming release. Why not learn a little about Dolkart before the day by checking out our recent interview with the man himself?

For those who haven’t yet had a chance to see it, here’s the synopsis of Silent Hall:

Five bedraggled refugees and a sinister wizard awaken a dragon and defy the gods.

After their homeland is struck with a deadly plague, five refugees cross the continent searching for answers. Instead they find Psander, a wizard whose fortress is invisible to the gods, and who is willing to sacrifice anything – and anyone – to keep the knowledge of the wizards safe.

With Psander as their patron, the refugees cross the mountains, brave the territory of their sworn enemies, confront a hostile ocean and even traverse the world of the fairies in search of magic powerful enough to save themselves – and Psander’s library – from the wrath of the gods.

All they need to do is to rescue an imprisoned dragon and unleash a primordial monster upon the world.

How hard could it be?

For more information visit the event page.


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AMA: Christopher Hinz

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Angry Robot Author Christopher HinzAuthor of 80s cult classic Liege-Killer and its forthcoming prequel Binary Storm Christopher Hinz will be heading over to Reddit tomorrow (June 8) to take part in an author AMA.

For those who don’t know what an AMA is, it stands for Ask Me Anything and is a chance for fans to ask their favourite authors absolutely anything they’d like…within reason, obviously.

Christopher will be online tomorrow (June 8) from 6-8pm EST. Head on over to r/books to post your questions for him.

Christopher found critical acclaim – and the Compton Crook Award – with Liege-Killer, a sci-fi novel about The Paratwa, genetically-modified telepathically linked twins in a post apocalyptic world. The book was later made into a trilogy and in February Christopher signed with us to publish the series’ prequel, Binary Storm, which will hit shelves in November.

Here’s the synopsis for the new book:

Near the end of the 21st century, Earth is in chaos from environmental devastation and a vicious undeclared war against binaries, genetically engineered assassins. Composed of a single consciousness inhabiting two human bodies (tways), binaries are ruled by an alpha breed, the Royal Caste.

Nick Smith, computer programmer and brilliant strategist, hooks up with Annabel Bakana, the savvy new director of E-Tech, an organization dedicated to limiting runaway technological growth. Together both romantically and professionally, they secretly assemble a small combat team to hunt and kill binaries.

But there’s a fly in the ointment, the mysterious team leader, Gillian. A tormented soul with an unseemly attraction to Annabel, his actions just might help the Royal Caste’s cause and draw the world closer to Armageddon.

Serving as both a stand-alone novel and prequel to Liege-Killer, Binary Storm is a futuristic tale of bold characters pushed to the brink in a dangerous world. Startling action, political intrigue and powerful themes that echo our contemporary era are fused into a plot brimming with twists and surprises.

Excited? We most definitely are! Until then, head over to the AMA!


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BikeEWell met, meatbags!

It’s our favourite* time of the week again! That’s right, Talk Tuesday To Us is back and this week you can feast your eyes on our most fantastic Eric Scott Fischl and his totes hipster bicycle, resplendent in blue (the bicycle, not Eric). Now, you might be asking yourself if those are assless chaps Eric is sporting and…well…yes, yes they are.

After that visual explosion of an introduction, please read on to find out more about the man they call ‘the author of Dr Potter’s Medicine Show, out February 2017′.

What do you say when people ask “where do you get your ideas from?”
What? How did you people get in here?   How do you keep finding me? Listen, it’s weird and creepy. And you’re replacing that door. Which, I might add, was brand new.

Do you have an unusual talent or skill?
I suffer from very mild face blindness. If I meet you, and then you get a haircut or something, there’s a fair chance I will be confused and just pass right on by when next we meet. Or perhaps I just didn’t want to talk right then. I know, right? Incredible.

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be? 
Probably just a man shuffling around his house, muttering to himself.

Got an irritating/bad habit?
Absolutely none. I’m just a delight to be around, always. What? Why are you looking at me like that? That isn’t irritating at all.

Who plays you in the movie?
Get Don Knotts on the horn immediately. What do you mean, he’s dead? That’s not my problem, is it? I’m hearing a lot of excuses, Angry Robot, and not a lot of solutions. OK, fine, if Knotts won’t do it, get that werewolf guy all the chicks like. Or that huge dude with all the muscles. You know, that guy. With the eyes! That guy. Or better yet: Dame Helen Mirren, who is amazing. Just get it done.

Seriously, you people make me question why I even agreed to this film in the first place. First Kurosawa is “unavailable” and now this bullshit.

We’re buying…what’ll you have?
I’m a simple man. I’ll take a gold-plated supersonic rocket jetpack fueled by expensive, small-batch bourbon. And keep them coming. I’ve got a long flight ahead of me.

Favourite possession? 
My childlike sense of wonder. Also I just got a really nice red pen.

Whats the view from your writing window?
Oh man, I’m lucky enough to stare off across acres of pines and the Bitterroot Valley here in Montana, with the Sapphire Mountains on the far side. If I turn slightly the other way, it’s thousands and thousands of acres of the Bitterroot National Forest. It’s lovely, and a wonder I get any work done at all.

What are you going to do now that you’ve finished this ordeal? 
I’m going to go pick up my bourbon-fueled gold-plated jetpack, which has been just been contractually promised to me by you people at Angry Robot per this interview, which I’m almost certain is legally-binding. Ha-ha, suckers. Now who got thrown out of law school?

Well, there you are, that is our Eric! Join us next week for another instalment of Talk Tuesday To Us!

*Our favourite time of the week is actually the bit where there’s cake but that’s not as regular as this feature is turning out to be. You can remedy that, if you live near Nottingham. Come on and pay us a visit. Bring cake. 

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Cover Reveal: Kojiki

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Like proud parents, every time a new book cover is delivered into the world we get a little thrill. None more so than with the new cover for Kojiki by Keith Yatsuhashi, which will be in all good bookstores come August. The cover was designed by the brilliant Thomas Walker, who does a lot of work in the achingly trending collectable poster scene. We absolutely love how well the cover has turned out, and hope that you do, too!

Head over to Fantasy Faction for the full cover, synopsis for Kojiki and exclusive excerpt, but in the meantime here’s a sneak peak. Look at Keiko, just walking down a Tokyo street…but what’s that to her right?! Uh-oh.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.22.23

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Open Door update

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Poor buried robotWe thought we’d better give you an update on our progress working through the (virtual) mountain of submissions from the recent Open Door period.

As you may recall, by the closing date at the end of January we had received an unexpected 1,118 novel proposals. Yes, that’s an absolute fuck-ton, but unexpected, you say? Well, yeah – last time we had pulled in a little over 600, so to be honest we were probably expecting around the same again. As a result, well, while the Robots have been reading tirelessly, as you may imagine it’s been taking longer than we anticipated.

We’ve managed to work through around two-thirds of the initial submissions. We have rejected plenty, some quite easily (we still don’t publish non-fiction, or books for the under-fives, for example) but others only after a lot of argument. We’ve also called in a fair number of full manuscripts – and yes, these also now need reading. Did someone mention Sisyphus?

So, if you haven’t had a note from us yet, but did get an email when you originally submitted, we’ve not forgotten you. We’ve just not got to your proposal yet. If you need or wish to Withdraw your book for whatever reason, or send it out to other publishers at the same time, by all means do so, we won’t stand in your way. Just keep us in the loop and if necessary log in to the Submittable page in the usual way.

And wish us luck, as we continue to read… read… read…

StockadeIn what is becoming our favourite (okay, only) weekly feature on the Angry Robot site, Talk Tuesday To Us has yet another amazing author ready to tell you a little bit more about themselves. This week Keith Yatsuhashi, author of the forthcoming Kojiki tells all.

Your favourite book?
Jurassic Park.

One book to burn?


What’s your karaoke song? 
The theme from Family Guy.

Who plays you in the movie?
Toshiro Mifune.

And what’s the pivotal scene?
When I realize I live in 2016, not feudal Japan.

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?

One creative person you’ve always wanted to be?
Jordan Speith. Hey, a golfer needs to be creative!

The last time you cried? 
Each time one of my kids was born.

Last dream of note?
I was an elf in Santa’s workshop.

Complete this sentence: Rewriting is…
What makes a book good.

Kojiki will be in all good bookstores this August.

Join us next time, for more Talk Tuesday To Us! 

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Review Round Up

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It’s round up time again and this week we’ve received some excellent reviews on upcoming novels and old favourites alike. Starting with our newest release, Trident’s Forge by Patrick S. Tomlinson, Popcorn Reads had this to say:


“I could not put Trident’s Forge down, and read it in one marathon sitting. That is as much due to the writing style and characters as the non-stop, nail-biting story thread. If you’re an outer space sci-fi geek like I am, you’re going to love this series!”

And Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviews reminded us how brilliant the entire series is:

“Benson is an entertaining protagonist, and he’s surrounded by an interesting world, with an intriguing investigation, the occasional gunfight, and a supporting cast who have enough depth to feel human. If you’ve not tried The Ark, I’d start there first – but come back to this one, it’ll reward your effort.”

Speaking of brilliant series’, The Generalist reviewed both If Then and its sequel The Destructives by Matthew De Abaitua:

“If Then is by any measure an extremely fine work which stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the best for several reasons. The overall concept is complex and original and is handled with complete confidence. The characters are fully formed and the sheer quality of both the vivid descriptive passages and the believable dialogue makes the book a complete cerebral and visceral three-dimensional experience.”

The Destructives by Matthew de AbaituaThey went on to say of the The Destructives:

“Again the story contains the DNA references of past writers in the genre – strains of William Gibson, J.G. Ballard and Samuel R. Delaney. I don’t mean that it’s derivative rather that it draws strength and lineage from these other works but stands out on it’s own, a distinctive and grand work of the imagination. You don’t need a VR headset to appreciate this work of art, just eyes and a brain.”

Danielle L Jensen‘s Warrior Witch has had some love over the weekend, too, with City of Books referring to it as “a thrilling book”. Meanwhile, over at Book Nerd Addict, we were told that:

“One thing that I have learned from Danielle L. Jensen, is that she will make me laugh in one moment, only to break my heart later, and she totally did that with this book; I was totally expecting my heart to be broken and she managed to do that in the most beautiful and flawless way possible.”

Looking forward to Adam Rakunas‘ upcoming novel Like a Boss, which will be available in all good bookstores in June, Stephanie Sasse Like A Boss by Adam Rakunasof gave us an advanced review:

“The series has everything that makes for a scifi classic – a richly imagined world, a plot that is thrilling and thought provoking while successfully commenting on current issues, a diverse well developed cast of characters, and that touch of magic that comes from an author gifted with eloquence and imagination.”

And last but by no means least, over on The Conversationalist we received this lovely review for Steal the Sky, which was released back in January:

“I’m really looking forward to the next book! If you enjoyed ‘Firefly’, like steampunk in your fantasy, or like adventure stories, heist stories, or stories about loyalty then this is well worth your time.”



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kcPineappleIt’s that time of the week again where you get to see the cold metal heart beneath our cold metal exterior with another Talk Tuesday To Us. This week we’ve interrogated the magnificent K C Alexander, debut author of Necrotech, a transhumanist sci fi called “a violent thrillride” by award-nominated noir urban fantasy author Stephen Blackmoore. Necrotech is set to hit all good bookstores this September, but until then, here’s K C:

One creative person you always wanted to be:
Neil Gaiman

One influence you wish didn’t keep showing through:
The none-too- subtle demand that women pull their punches in life/fiction/work. (I am burning that out with gasoline and a blowtorch.)

Tell us a joke:
What’s the difference between a duck?
No, that’s it. Let me know if you ever find the answer.

What do you sing in the shower:
Whatever song I wake up with in my head. When I was a kid, I was afraid of the shower monsters, so I’d recite the entirety of The Little Mermaid, songs and all, until I was done. Never really made it past “Part of Your World”.
Still not a guppy.

First story you told?
I… uh… are there people who actually KNOW this? I don’t know, I’ve been telling stories forever. Uh…I’m sure it was a lie.
I was on the moon.
With Steve.

What do you say when people ask “Where do you get your ideas from?”
I cringe. And then I grab at my head and get wide-eyed and whisper, “They come from the dark. They’re everywhere. DON’T YOU HEAR THEM?” When they are staring at me in frozen uncertainty, I shrug and say normally, “Dunno, they don’t stop.”
And then people think I’m weird.

Do you have an unusual talent or skill?
I can belch like a mofo. I can run in high heels. I can pop my wrists and shoulders. I sometimes have prophetic dreams, which I assume is a glitch in the Matrix.

If you could share one recipe, what would it be?
One part Guinness, one part GOOD hard cider, drink.

What’s the view from your writing window?
My messy kitchen. …My messy messy living room. And if I turn all the way around, I can look out the sliding glass door at trees!

Complete this sentence: Rewriting is…
…the devil’s work.

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