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“This one-of-a-kind series … is what might result if you put Breaking Bad and Reddit in a blender and hit ‘frappe.’”
Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi Blog

After the explosive events of The Flux, Our Surviving Heroes will be reluctantly dragged into fixing the catastrophic shitstorm that is Europe. And man, won’t that be messy. Gloriously, gloriously messy.

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The third book in the ‘Mancer series

“America’s long sent its best SMASH agents overseas to deal with the European crisis. As of today, they decided dismantling your operation was more important than containing the Bastogne Broach. Now you’re dealing with the real professionals.”

Paul Tsabo: Bureaucromancer. Political activist. Loving father. His efforts to decriminalize magic have made him the government’s #1 enemy ‘ and his fugitive existence has robbed his daughter of a normal life.

Aliyah Tsabo-Dawson: Videogamemancer. Gifted unearthly powers by a terrorist’s magic. Raised by a family of magicians, she’s the world’s loneliest teenager- because her powers might kill anyone she befriends.

The Unimancers: Brain-burned zombies. Former ‘mancers, tortured into becoming agents of the government’s anti-mancer squad. An unstoppable hive-mind.

When Paul accidentally opens up the first unsealed dimensional broach on American soil, the Unimancers lead his family in a cat-and-mouse pursuit all the way to the demon-haunted ruins of Europe ‘ where Aliyah is slowly corrupted by the siren call of the Unimancers…