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Ishbelle Bee writes horror and loves fairy-tales, the Victorian period (especially top hats!) and cake tents at village…

Ishbelle Bee

Published February 17, 2014
AR Author Kameron Hurley
KAMERON HURLEY is an award-winning author, advertising copywriter and online scribe. She has won the Hugo Award, Kitschy…

Kameron Hurley

Published January 28, 2014

Rod Duncan writes alternate history, fantasy and contemporary crime. His novels have been shortlisted for the Philip K. …

Rod Duncan

Published January 28, 2014
Angry Robot author Craig Cormick
Craig Cormick is an award-winning author and science communicator who works for Australia’s premier science institution, the Commonwealth…

Craig Cormick

Published December 17, 2013
Carrie Patel was born and raised in Houston, Texas. An avid traveller, she studied abroad in Granada, Spain…

Carrie Patel

Published November 28, 2013
Marianne de Pierres is the author of the acclaimed Parrish Plessis and award-winning Sentients of Orion science fiction…

Marianne de Pierres

Published August 22, 2013
ANNA KASHINA is inspired by her diverse backgrounds as a Russian-born scientist, a competitive ballroom dancer, and a…

Anna Kashina

Published August 07, 2013
Michael Boatman spends his days and nights pretending to be other people. For a living. He’s acted in…

Michael Boatman

Published June 27, 2013
Angry Robot author James A Moore
JAMES A. MOORE is the best-selling and award winning author of over forty novels, thrillers, dark fantasy and…

James A. Moore

Published April 03, 2013
Angry Robot author Jay Posey
Jay is a narrative designer, author, and screenwriter by trade. He started working in the video game industry…

Jay Posey

Published March 11, 2013
Joseph D’Lacey is best known for his shocking eco-horror novel Meat. The book has been widely translated…

Joseph D'Lacey

Published August 30, 2012
Ramez Naam is a professional technologist, and was involved in the development of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook.…

Ramez Naam

Published July 05, 2012
Wesley Chu was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Chicago, Illinois when he was just a pup. His…

Wesley Chu

Published June 19, 2012
Lee Collins has spent his entire life in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. Despite this (or perhaps…

Lee Collins

Published January 26, 2012
Lee Battersby was born in Nottingham in 1970, departing from a snow-covered city in 1975 directly to a…

Lee Battersby

Published December 12, 2011
Madeline grew up in a household populated by science fiction fans. She graduated from a Jesuit university in…

Madeline Ashby

Published August 09, 2011