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Juliet E. McKenna is the author of 15 epic fantasy novels set in the world of Einarinn,  as…

Juliet E. McKenna

Published February 11, 2022
Mary Baader Kaley is a realtor in the south suburbs of Chicago with a master’s degree in Psychology.

Mary Baader Kaley

Published January 21, 2022
Al Hess is the author of the self-published post-apocalyptic Travelers series and the 1930s flavoured dystopian series, Hep

Al Hess

Published January 18, 2022
Gemma Amor is a Bram Stoker Award nominated author, illustrator and voice actor. Her happy place is horror,…

Gemma Amor

Published November 18, 2021
Stacey McEwan author photo
Stacey McEwan is the author of Ledge, the heart-stopping beginning to the Glacian Trilogy. Stacey is a…

Stacey McEwan

Published November 18, 2021
Before making the big leap into the world of sci-fi & fantasy, Denise held a string of journalism…

Denise Crittendon

Published November 11, 2021
W P Wiles was born in India in 1978. He is the author of three novels: the Betty…

W P Wiles

Published July 12, 2021
Ciel Pierlot is a disaster bisexual from the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s also a giant nerd and…

Ciel Pierlot

Published May 10, 2021
Khan Wong has published poetry, played cello in an earnest folk-rock duo, and been an internationally known hula…

Khan Wong

Published May 10, 2021
Alex Thomson is the author of Death of a Clone, published in 2018. He lives in Letchworth…

Alex Thomson

Published March 02, 2021
Sarah J. Daley is a former chef who lives and writes in the Chicago Metropolitan area with her…

Sarah J. Daley

Published January 08, 2021
Ron Walters is a former journalist, college registrar, and stay-at-home dad who writes science fiction and fantasy for…

Ron Walters

Published December 02, 2020
Patricia A. Jackson is a high-school Language Arts teacher in Pennsylvania. She has published a number of short…

Patricia Jackson

Published December 02, 2020
Un-Su Kim made his debut as a writer in 2002 through the Jinju News Fall Literary Contest with…

Un-Su Kim

Published December 02, 2020
Calder Szewczak is writing duo Natasha C. Calder and Emma Szewczak, who met while studying at Cambridge. Natasha…

Calder Szewczak

Published December 02, 2020