Announcing Lessons in Birdwatching

We are very pleased to announce we will be publishing Lessons in Birdwatching, a sci-fi epic debut from Honey Watson on 8th August 2023. Lessons in Birdwatching is a darkly comic, politically charged novel set in a post-earth future, where beings—human and otherwise—careen towards annihilation in service of zealotry and nihilism alike. A smart, political, […]

A Little Bit of Liege-Killer…

As we’re about a month out from the re-release of remastered the 80s cult-classic, The Paratwa Saga by Christopher Hinz, we thought we would give all you robots a chance to whet your appetitie with something other than engine grease. We’re so excited to share with you an exclusive chapter excerpt of the first book […]

Book “The Phlebotomist” by Chris Panatier

In a near future where all citizens are subject to the mandatory blood draw, government phlebotomist Willa Wallace uncovers the truth about where the blood really goes. . The Phlebotomist Preorder here

New Books from D.B. Jackson!!

Okay humans, buckle up because we’re about to blow your squishy minds! In wonderful, brilliant and joyful news, we’re announcing not one but TWO new books from our new Crawford Fantasy Award-winning cybernetic author, D.B. Jackson! D.B. is making it rain books here at Angry Robot, he’s bringing time-hopping epic fantasies Time’s Children in October […]

Your Summer Reading is Sorted with our Angry Omnibuses!

Happy news for readers who want to chill out with a good book or three when the nice weather hits; we’re bringing you Angry Robot summer blockbuster omnibuses! For your beachy perusal we have the following series, all available in one handy ebook pack: The Lives of Tao series by Wesley Chu Featuring – The […]

Cover Reveal: Free Chocolate

For everyone who has run out of Easter chocolate we’re bringing you a brand new chocolatey treat! Our tastiest upcoming book, Free Chocolate, from debut author Amber Royer now has a cover, shown off by our friends at Unbound Worlds. Free Chocolate follows Latina culinary arts student, Bo Benitez, as she tries to steal precious […]