Cover Reveal: Free Chocolate

For everyone who has run out of Easter chocolate we’re bringing you a brand new chocolatey treat! Our tastiest upcoming book, Free Chocolate, from debut author Amber Royer now has a cover, shown off by our friends at Unbound Worlds. Free Chocolate follows Latina culinary arts student, Bo Benitez, as she tries to steal precious cocoa from planet Earth to sell to the rest of the chocoholic universe. Bo ends up on the run, living out her very own space opera telenovela complete with people eating aliens, culinary capers and hot alien boyfriends. Below is the sneak peak of the cover by Mingchen Shen – as well as a blog post from Amber on why humor should be a part of science fiction – which you will be able to hold and admire in person when the book releases in June. Just click on the link to be taken through to the full reveal!

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