The Redemption of Morgan Bright

by: Chris Panatier


A woman checks herself into an insane asylum to solve the mystery of her sister’s murder, only to lose her memory and maybe her mind.

File Under: Horror


From the subversive voice behind The Phlebotomist comes this story that combines the ambiguity of The Yellow Wallpaper with the narrative twists of Don’t Worry Darling. Hadleigh Keene was found dead and frozen on a road twelve miles from Hollyhock Asylum. But the police have no clues or answers, and seemingly do not care to find them.
A year later, the case is untouched and unsolved. Hadleigh’s sister Morgan decides to discover the truth about what happened. She has herself committed to the asylum under a false identity, that of a “hysterical housewife” named Charlotte Turner, who is seeking a clean bill of health before her husband will consider starting a family. It quickly becomes clear that something is wrong at Hollyhock. A group of women, including Morgan, are beset by strange episodes and terrible hallucinations. And Morgan finds the persona of Charlotte growing stronger and very, very real.
After enduring a series of bizarre treatments and undergoing her own disturbing changes, she delves deeper into the secrets of the asylum, and is confronted by Hollyhock’s hidden, horrifying purpose…
The terrifying reality of The Redemption of Morgan Bright unfolds over the course of chapters told from the points of view of both Charlotte and Morgan, police interviews, and series of text messages, eventually unravelling the darkest secrets.
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Chris Panatier is the author of Stringers and The Phlebotomist. He lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife, daughter, and a fluctuating herd of animals resembling dogs (one is almost certainly a goat). He writes short stories and novels, “plays” the drums, and draws album covers for metal bands. Find Chris Panatier online: Twitter @chrisjpanatier. Website Instagram @chrispanatier