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The Ravening


From the subversive mind behind The Hollows comes a new, page turning horror thriller, perfect for fans of The Only Good Indian by Stephen Graham Jones 

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Two women fight to free themselves of a terrifying thousand year old curse.

Jenna lost her mum when she was a girl – a terrifying incident on a lonely road in the woods which no one, least of all Jenna, has ever been able to explain. She’s been angry, defensive and self-reliant ever since. Until she meets Holly and begins to open up just a little.

But just as life is beginning to offer some promise Jenna is ripped away from Holly; kidnapped by a bizarre cult in thrall, so they say, to an ancient demon who offers the promise of eternal life in return for a particular sacrifice. A sacrifice that links Jenna, her mum, and a bloodline reaching back centuries.
With its antlered demon and a shadowy otherworld behind the veil of our world, The Ravening combines cinematic horrors with a compelling story of one woman’s refusal to give up and another woman’s fight for survival against terrible odds – both of them determined to overturn very different expectations.