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Legends of the Duskwalker Novels (Limited Edition)


“Stark and powerful, reinventing the post-apocalyptic western as a journey across interior badlands as dangerous as the cyborg-haunted terrain his hero must cross, Posey has crafted a story that is impossible to put down.”
– Richard E Dansky, author of Vaporware and Snowbird Gothic

Heroes may rise, but all will fall, in the devastating post-apocalyptic SF action series by the author of Outriders.

File Under: Science Fiction

Collects Three, Morningside Fall and Dawnbreaker.

The world has collapsed, and there are no heroes any more. The cyber-dead Weir have overwhelmed civilisation, and its survivors cling to fragile oases. A traveling gun for hire, named Three, agrees to protect a sick woman on the run with her young son. When they set out to discover a mythical safe zone, they must survive the forces that pursue them, and the creatures of the dark, and uncover something truly remarkable…

In the devastated settlement of Morningside, its governor, Wren, is forced to flee the turmoil engulfing the city. He and his retinue seek refuge at a border outpost, only to find that it has been infested with a vast number of Weir. But these creatures harbour a terrible secret, one that has consequences – not just for Wren – but for the future of the world.

The remainder of humanity believe they can do nothing but wait to be overwhelmed by the Weir and their mysterious leader, Asher. And yet, the arrival of a man named Haiku, seeking the mercenary Three, heralds the return of hope, and that a new hero will rise.