by: Jane Hennigan
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thrilling dystopia, in turns heart-breaking and heart-pounding 

Forty years ago, the world changed. Toxic threads left behind by mutated moths infected every man and boy, killing them quietly in their sleep, or turning them into crazed killers. No one was safe from their psychopathic wrath and no one could reach them. All seemed hopeless.

But humanity, as it does, adapted and society moved on. Now, men are kept in specially treated dust-free facilities for their safety, and are never able to return to the outside. The world is quiet, but secrets are kept safe in whispers. Very few people remember what life was like before the change, but Mary knows. She had a family. She was happy. This is her story. Exploring male violence against women, homo-normativity, and gynocracy, Moths is a powerful assessment of life through the lens of a main character in her 70s.

Jane Hennigan

Jane Hennigan was born and raised in Aldershot in Hampshire. After a decade working in E-commerce, she gained a degree in English Literature and Philosophy from Royal Holloway, and an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Surrey. She spent seven years teaching English literature undergraduates, before moving to the seaside to concentrate on writing.

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