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A Breach in the Heavens


“True and rewarding fantasy at its best.”
– Morpheus Tales

Wizards war against gods to save the world, in the electrifying conclusion to the Godserfs epic fantasy series.

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The third book in the Godserfs trilogy

The End Times have arrived. For over a decade, the sorceress Phaedra has had a single, vital task: to keep the world of the elves separated from humanity’s. But when her world experiences its first skyquake, it’s clear that something is very wrong. Has all Phaedra’s work been for nothing? She’ll need a new plan – and her friends’ help – to keep the worlds from smashing into each other and shredding all of creation. Unfortunately, not everyone likes the new plan. To the God of the Underworld, destroying creation doesn’t seem like such a bad idea…