Announcing ‘THE WITCH WHO TRADES WITH DEATH’ by C. M. Alongi

We are thrilled to be announcing and revealing the cover for The Witch who Trades with Death, an epic fantasy adventure by Citadel author and popular Tiktokker C. M. Alongi. Rich in themes of witchcraft and lore, this new romantic fantasy follows a young witch who seeks her freedom by forging a deal with Death…



Publication date: 11th March 2025



Author C. M. Alongi had the following to say about the acquisition of her latest novel: “I am so pumped to be working on this project with the Angry Robot team. I can’t wait for The Witch who Trades with Death to hit shelves; I had a little too much fun traumatizing all the characters.”

Editor Gemma Creffield added “I fell into The Witch who Trades with Death like a knife through butter – it gripped me from the very beginning and I was desperate to know when Khana would finally catch a break. The characters, much like C.M. Alongi’s CaFae Latte favourites, are cosy, loveable and true to life. It was an absolute joy!”

Representing Alongi, agent Lesley Sagba also had the following to say: “C.M. Alongi’s The Witch who Trades with Death is tightly plotted and utterly immersive with characters and conflict that jump right off the page from the very first chapter. I couldn’t get enough of this book and Alongi’s cinematic storytelling.”


Read on for the full blurb of this sharply written, epic fantasy!


A young witch forced to play concubine for her empirical captor, finally breaks free to find a life of her own, but even those with the power to call Death cannot outrun their past…

All witches must serve the cruel and immortal Emperor Yacatl. But after four years of terror and abuse, Khana not only kills one of his favorite courtiers with her magic, but also discovers the secret of his power and immortality: he’s been making deals with Death. And now, so is she.
Armed with magic that she doesn’t fully understand, Khana flees the empire and stumbles into a small mountain town filled with fierce warriors that ostracize her for being a witch, despite using her abilities to heal their sick and injured. There, her magic and courage are put to the test as she is forced to stop running and fight back against the emperor that wants her dead.
But every deal she makes with Death takes another piece of her soul. And there’s only so much Khana can give before she turns into the very monster she’s trying to destroy.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: C.M. Alongi is a sci-fi & fantasy author and content creator from the Twin Cities. She is best known for her urban fantasy TikTok series CaFae Latte and debut novel, Citadel. When she isn’t writing, she’s defending her furniture from her roommates’ evil cats. You can find C.M. Alongi online: YouTube (15.5k subs),  Instagram (6.2k), Facebook (5.8k), and TikTok (294.4k followers).

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