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Today, we are thrilled to be hosting the tour stop for Deep Dive by Ron Walters, his incredible debut that Booklist have called ‘an exhilarating roller-coaster.’ And what better way to celebrate than to host a giveaway?




Yes, that’s right! We are giving away copies of the book to five lucky winners, and all you have to do to enter is comment on this post with a fun parenting, babysitting OR gaming moment that makes you laugh every time you think of it.




Have your kids recently decided to decorate your pristine white walls with courgettes? Did you get stuck in a horse in a Red Dead Redemption playthrough? Share it below!




This giveaway is open to those in the UK and US, starts right now and ends on the 25th of January. We will be picking the winners from a randomised draw and contacting the winners directly.



To start you off, here’s an embarrassing (and fun) story from our Publicist Caroline:


“I knew parenting was going to be all sorts of embarrassment, fun, and messy as hell right after my first child was born. As we had those precious early moments of chest to chest, we didn’t notice that my darling daughter had done her first poo (fellow parents know what those poos are like!) all over me, her, and the floor. We only realised as the attending midwife slipped in said poo on the floor…”






About the author:




Ron Walters is a former journalist, college registrar, and stay-at-home dad who writes science fiction and fantasy for all ages. A native of Savannah, GA, he currently lives in Germany with his wife, two daughters, and two rescue dogs. When he’s not writing he works as a substitute high school teacher, plays video games, and does his best to ignore the judgmental looks his dogs give him for not walking them more often. Deep Dive is his first published novel.

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3 Responses

  1. As a kid, I was obsessed with Calvin and Hobbes. I had a stack of anthologies and used to lug them to school so I could rent them out during silent reading time. My husband and I like to joke that I somehow manifested Calvin when I was pregnant. I have more ridiculous stories than I can count, but this one is a standout.

    My son was three and we had begun the piss-soaked adventure that is potty training. Fortunately for us, he was already very verbal, and good about giving us a decent heads up. I had put him down for a nap and heard the familiar patter of little feet on the staircase. This was the age where I needed him to nap more than he did, so I felt my patience strain as I asked him why he was downstairs.

    “I had an accident,” he said in his small, scratchy voice.

    “It’s okay, honey,” I answered. “You’re still learning, and accidents happen.”

    I could tell he felt reassured and gave myself a mental high-five for keeping my cool and being the model supportive parent. I followed him to his darkened bedroom and turned on the light. His covers had been pulled off exposing the fitted sheet.

    There, soaking into the penguin flannel, it looked like some maniacal, piss-wielding Zorro had gotten carried away while perfecting the perfect flick of the wrist. The entire bed was covered with crisp and precise streaks of pee. He had been extremely thorough.

    As I stood in shock processing the scene, that small voice came from behind me, “Did you know that wolves use pee to mark their territory?”

    My mind immediately flashed to a frame of Calvin, imagining himself as a young wolf, deep in the forest, determined to make a stand on his own. He hears the howl of wolves in the distance and smirks. He knows what to do.

    Back in my son’s bedroom, I had to physically walk this one off. I walked back out of his room and down the hall. First off, it’s damn annoying to realize that you have become Calvin’s mom, and second, I wanted to make sure he didn’t see me laugh.

  2. Playing Payday: The Heist. My friend was leading security away from me so I could grab the money. He told me he was on the roof. I looked up and he was crossing the skylight, guards still hot on his tail. I decided to go full action movie hero and shoot out the skylight. It worked, and the guards fell to their deaths. The only problem was that my partner hadn’t completely crossed the skylight and that resulted in him falling to his death as well. We were laughing so hard and for so long that the cops showed up and shot me dead, ending the heist.

  3. I can’t beat Caroline’s story, but when my oldest child was a baby, I was lying on the bed holding her above me, flying her like an airplane, and when I lowered her down toward my face she reached out and shoved her tiny index finger all the way up my left nostril. It took quite a while for the blood to stop gushing out of my nose.


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