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Happy birthday to…us!

Today is Angry Robot’s 1̶1̶1̶t̶h̶ 12th birthday, and because we are a kind and generous Robot Overlord, we’re giving YOU presents to celebrate, in the form of 50% off any and all eBook orders through our website until Monday July 5th! Just use the code #BirthdayBot at checkout to take 50% off the final price of any eBook order. That’s any eBook order – whether you’re buying one eBook or one hundred eBooks, you get 50% off the lot! We’re also running a very special giveaway over on our Twitter account, where you can win a copy of Dan Abnett’sTriumff, originally published by us way back in 2009, and a copy of Composite Creatures by Caroline Hardaker, published this April, and a natty AR tote bag! So lift a glass of your favourite tipple, have a slice of your favourite cake, and join us in celebrating 12 years of Angry Robot, and the decades yet to come!

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