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AR Authors Amass for AMA!

Angry Robot are delighted that the excellent humans of Reddit’s r/Fantasy community are hosting an amazing array of AR authors for an Ask Me/Us Anything tomorrow! From 3pm EST (that’s 8pm UK time), you’ll be able to ask some of AR’s latest and greatest authors all about their awesome books. All you need to join in is a Reddit account! The authors taking part are:
  • Stephen Aryan (The Coward)
  • Stephen Deas (The Moonsteel Crown)
  • R.W.W. Greene (The Light Years, Twenty-Five to Life)
  • Dan Hanks (Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire, Swashbucklers)
  • Caroline Hardaker (Composite Creatures)
  • Christopher Hinz (Starship Alchemon, Refraction, The Liege-Killer Trilogy)
  • Ada Hoffmann (The Outside, The Fallen)
  • Patricia A. Jackson (Forging a Nightmare)
  • Cameron Johnston (The Traitor God, God of Broken Things, The Maleficent Seven)
  • James A. Moore (The Tides of War and Seven Forges series)
  • Jeff Noon (The Nyquist Novels)
So if you’ve ever thought, ‘I sure would like to ask one of these brilliant bookmongers a question about their work’, now’s your chance!

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