Within Without is OUT!

Happy book birthday to Within Without, the new Nyquist mystery from award-winning weird fiction visionary Jeff Noon!

“In the year 1960, private eye John Nyquist arrives in Delirium, a city of a million borders, to pursue his strangest case yet: tracking down Oberon, the stolen, sentient image of faded film star Vince Craven.
As Nyquist tracks Oberon through a series of ever-stranger and more surreal borders, he hears tantalising stories of the Yeald, a First Wall hidden at Delirium’s heart. But to get the help he needs to find it, he’ll have to journey into the fractured minds of the city’s residents, and even into his own…”
Within Without is available to buy now from your choice of excellent bookstores and bookish retailers
and also directly from us here on our website as a DRM-free eBook, for use on any and all e-readers and e-reading apps!


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