Join Angry Robot at the Publishers Weekly US Book Show!

Don’t you miss book fairs?

We sure as heck do!

That’s why Angry Robot Books are taking part in the Publishers Weekly US Book Show this week, from Tue May 25 through Thu May 27.

If you’re one of the awesome booksellers, librarians, publishing professionals, or other excellent humans who’s signed up to attend the Show, we’d love to see you over at our virtual booth, where we’re just waiting to talk your ear off about all the awesome titles we have coming your way in the coming months.

We’re also hosting a number of giveaways and author talks on our booth, so make sure you’re following the #USBookShow hashtag on Twitter so you don’t miss out!

Schedule of Author Talks

Tue May 25

10.00am Eastern: Caroline Hardaker (Composite Creatures) & Gabriela Houston (The Second Bell) In Conversation

11.00am Eastern: Meet Stephen Deas (The Moonsteel Crown, The Book of Endings)

1.00pm Eastern: Meet Tim Pratt (The Axiom Trilogy, Doors of Sleep, Prison of Sleep)

2.00pm Eastern: Meet Cameron Johnston (The Traitor God, God of Broken Things, The Maleficent Seven)

4.00pm Eastern: Meet Ada Hoffmann (The Outside, The Fallen)

Wed May 26

12pm Eastern: Chris Panatier (The Phlebotomist, Stringers) & Dan Hanks (Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire, Swashbucklers) In Conversation

2.00pm Eastern: Meet RWW Greene (The Light Years, Twenty-Five to Life)

3.00pm Eastern: Christopher Hinz (The Paratwa Saga, Refraction, Starship Alchemon) & Etan Ilfeld (Duchamp Versus Einstein) In Conversation

4.00pm Eastern: Meet James A. Moore (The Godless, The Seven Forges)

Thu May 27

10.00am Eastern: Szewczak (Emma Szewczak & Natasha C. Calder Calder) (The Offset) In Conversation

11.00am Eastern: Meet Patricia A. Jackson (Forging a Nightmare)

1.00pm Eastern: Sarah Daley (Obsidian) & Ron Walters (Deep Dive) In Conversation

2.00pm Eastern: Meet Stephen Aryan (The Coward)

3.00pm Eastern: Meet Alex Thomson (Spidertouch)


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