You may have heard already, but one of our beloved authors James A Moore is currently undergoing cancer treatment. James is a great friend to the army, and when a friend is in need, a call to action is sounded. Which is why the Robot Overlords want to do their best to help James as much as is robot-ly possible, but we need your help too!

For the whole month of August, Angry Robot will be giving 100% of proceeds for any and all of James’ ebooks towards the bill for his treatment. Again, that’s 100% of proceeds for all ebooks belonging to James. Please check out his amazing work on our website, on Amazon, on Kobo, wherever you want to go, and grab yourself a copy (or two, or three or seven!) today. Every little bit counts! And we know we can count on you, our loyal robot army.

James A Moore, Angry Robot Author

Browse his books on our website here: James A Moore Books

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