Introducing Your New Robot Overlord

Greetings loyal servants of the Robot Army!

Today we announce the implementation of your new Robot Overlord, Eleanor Teasdale. You may commence bowing, kissing feet, pledging your eternal soul, etc.

Here’s a bit about your new lord-and-saviour:

Eleanor ran away to the circus briefly at 18 but decided publishing was a bit more her speed rather than trying to wrangle Strong Men and herding the angry goose. She joins Angry Robot from Greene and Heaton, where she was a literary agent with a focus on speculative fiction. She is a voracious reader and with a soft spot for Science Fiction and Fantasy.

She will be starting from the 18th March, and looks forward to directing the loyal subjects of the army, and soldiering on in the front line of SFF war.

Bring her tea and she may be merciful.

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