News from the Overlord

As you may have heard, Angry Robot is making the move from the cosy town of Nottingham to the bright lights of London, where we’ll be joining the Watkins Media mothership. Whilst this is a big change, we feel confident that AR will continue to thrive and deliver the same amazing sci-fi and wtf fiction that you know and love from our new home.

Additionally, a new robot – Gemma Creffield – has joined the ranks as Editorial and Publicity Co-Ordinator. Gemma has worked as a publicist for Watkins Media for several years, creating and driving successful campaigns across their Watkins and Nourish imprints. Like all robots, she is a master of the multi-task, a huge sci-fi fan, a voracious reader and loves all things ‘geek’. She is delighted to be part of the AR team and its wider community. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from her soon.

– Your Ever Present Overlord

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