MECHS ON THE BEACH: Your Angry Robot Summer Reading Quiz

We know that sometimes it’s a tough decision to choose just a couple of brilliant books when you go on holiday, after all there’s only so much space in a suitcase! (shush you, with the e-readers… e-readers don’t give such a good visual, okay?!) In order to help you out with your decision making, we at Angry Robot have decided to make your summer reading decision easy by creating this very scientific quiz. E-readers, you’re welcome to use it, too…
Thanks to the help of our most empathetic AIs (intern Jess) we’ve created a set of questions which will help you find your new favourite Angry Robot novel to the beach, the mountains, the north pole, whatever you fancy doing over your summer break. What’s even better, if you’ve already read the title we pick for you, you can just take the quiz again and alter your answers slightly. Now how’s that for versatility?

So, without further ado… Happy reading!

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