Free From the Tomb: Read the First Chapters of Fury From the Tomb Now

Fury From the Tomb by S A SidorReady for action, pulp adventure and a good dose of horror? Strap in tight, for this is Fury From the Tomb, The Institute for Singular Antiquities Book I, by S A Sidor! It’s a hell of a ride, with a young archeologist facing mummies, grave-robbing ghouls, vampires and evil monks– you should just start reading it, really. Here are the exclusive first three chapters to get you excited. Saqqara, Egypt, 1888, and in the booby-trapped tomb of an ancient sorcerer, Rom, a young Egyptologist, makes the discovery of a lifetime: five coffins and an eerie, oversized sarcophagus. But the expedition seems cursed, for after unearthing the mummies, all but Rom die horribly. He faithfully returns to America with his disturbing cargo, continuing by train to Los Angeles, home of his reclusive sponsor. When the train is hijacked by murderous banditos in the Arizona desert, who steal the mummies and flee over the border, Rom – with his benefactor’s rebellious daughter, an orphaned Chinese busboy, and a cold-blooded gunslinger – must ride into Mexico to bring the malevolent mummies back. If only mummies were their biggest problem… Fury From the Tomb is released everywhere in May 2018.

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