Announcing the Jeff Noon’s Nyquist Mysteries LEGO sets!

Lego Nyquist MysteriesOK, fine, maybe not official LEGO sets, but they’re made with Lego bricks… Last year our editorial assistant, Nick, had too much free time (an error swiftly corrected) and built a scale model of the incredible Will Staehle designed cover of A Man of Shadows. Somehow he’s found time to re-create Amazing 15‘s mindblowing The Body Library cover! The Body Library - LEGO Pretty, huh? “They’re both gorgeous covers, and helpfully, are mostly geometric, which gives me a hope of making them out of angular bricks. The mazes aren’t quite as solvable as Amazing15’s original – I just didn’t have enough LEGO to build at full scale! And yes, those are crowbars and sausages in the tree… My real problem is which Angry Robot cover to build next. Any ideas?” – Nick You can find more of Nick’s LEGO stuff on Flickr, should you so wish…

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