The Open Door… has closed once more

The Open Door 2017 has now closed. Thank you, thank you to everyone who submitted their proposals over the last two months. A last-day flurry, notably amongst folks for whom GMT is something of an alien concept, meant that we decided to keep the way open for a few more hours. Well done to anyone who was able to sneak in under the metal shutters just before they rattled down. Total submissions this year: 1,086 full novels We’ve already started reading, but of course be patient with the Robots as we work down the pile to yours. We will be contacting everyone who submitted, but it will take several months. Try not to chase us about reading your particular submission, but if there is something more significant you need to tell us, use the regular message form on the Contact page. As to a next time… we have no firm plans. Ask us again once we’ve read all the submissions from this one :-)

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