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Here’s another batch of sample extracts for you to read and enjoy.

Suited by Jo Anderton, art by Dominic Harman   The Hammer and the Blade, by Paul S Kemp   The Crown of the Usurper, by Gav Thorpe   vN by Madeline Ashby, cover Martin Bland/Spyroteknik

Suited is the second book in Jo Anderton‘s Veiled Worlds series and is the sequel to Debris, for which Jo recently won the Best New Talent Ditmar Award.

The Hammer and the Blade is the first book in a brand new sword and sorcery saga – the Tales of Egil and Nix – by renowned Star Wars and Forgotten Realms author Paul S. Kemp.

The Crown of the Usurper is the stunning conclusion to the epic Crown of the Blood trilogy by esteemed Warhammer author Gav Thorpe.

vN is the hugely accomplished debut science fiction novel by Madeline Ashby; an author we guarantee you’ll be hearing a whole lot more about…

The first two books in this fine selection are our July releases and will be available in US/CAN paperback and ebook formats from Tuesday, June 26th, with UK/EU paperback editions following on Thursday, July 5th. The second two are our August books and will be published on Tuesday July 31st (US/CAN & ebook) and Thursday August 1st (UK/EU). Pre-orders can of course be placed with all good indie, online and major high-street bookstores right now

The reader applets below can be embedded on your own website and the link to them spread far and wide via your regular social media channels. Right-click on the ‘issuu’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of each, then click ‘Share This Publication’ for options. You can also download the pdf versions to read offline if you prefer.



by Jo Anderton

The Veiled Worlds, Vol II

Tanyana has chosen to help the Keeper, to stand against the Puppet Men, who continue to force the Debris into unnatural creations.

And when even her own suit becomes aggressive against her, Tanyana must weigh some very personal issues against her determination to serve the greater good.

Read / download at


The Hammer and The Blade

by Paul S. Kemp

A Tale of Egil and Nix

Kill the demon. Steal the treasure. Retire to a life of luxury. Sounds easy when you put it like that.

Unfortunately for Egil and Nix, when the demon they kill has friends in high places, retirement is not an option.

Read / download at


The Crown of the Usurper

by Gav Thorpe

The stunning conclusion to the epic Crown of the Blood trilogy.

Ullsaard rules the known world. All are subject to his will.

Yet even as another king bows before him, there are those who would wrench his empire from beneath him. He must risk losing the lands he has conquered to confront a foe far more powerful than any he has faced before.

As alliances shift and old enemies return, will he save the empire he has given his life to, or let it fall to ruin?

Read / download at



by Madeline Ashby

Amy Peterson is a von Neumann machine, a self-replicating humanoid robot.

For the past five years, she has been grown slowly as part of a mixed organic/synthetic family. She knows very little about her android mother’s past, so when her grandmother arrives and attacks her mother, little Amy wastes no time: she eats her alive.

Now she carries her malfunctioning granny as a partition on her memory drive, and she’s learning impossible things about her clade’s history – like the fact that the failsafe that stops all robots from harming humans has failed… Which means that everyone wants a piece of her, some to use her as a weapon, others to destroy her.

Read / download at

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This Guest Post is by newly-signed AR Author Emma Newman.

Come into the Split Worlds

The Author - Emma NewmanSo the dust is settling and my little corner of the internet is returning to normality following the announcement that the Split Worlds series is now in the gentle care of our favourite Robot Overlords. I thought it would be a good time to promise to send you a free short story set in the Split Worlds every week for a year and a day, if you want me to that is, and explain why I’m offering to do so.

As I mentioned on the lovely Adam Christopher’s blog, the Split Worlds series started life as a self-publishing project and up until very recently I was gearing up to launch the first book of the series Between Two Thorns. Part of that process involved releasing a short story every week set in the Split Worlds for a year and a day, a total of 54 short stories, plus a bonus one if people signed up to receive the stories by email.

It’s quite a daunting thing to commit to, but something I don’t regret at all. Here’s why:

I’m a great big geek.

For me, the Split Worlds project has never just been about writing lots of stories and several novels. At the risk of sounding a bit silly and pretentious what I want to create is something immersive, something that incorporates elements from my favourite hobby: roleplaying.

I’ve been playing and GMing for years. I missed out on early experiences of D&D, my schooling was in White Wolf’s World of Darkness games such as Vampire: The Masquerade. At university I was in the Roleplaying Games Society and student life was a glorious few years of regular tabletop and live action games ranging from high fantasy to gritty cyber-punk, occasionally interrupted by lectures and essays and exams. It played a big part in spawning my love of dressmaking and it’s where I caught the world-building bug too.

Roll 'em!As a player, one of the things I love most about a really good game is the total immersion. I want to see it all in my head, I want to experience things outside the scope of my normal life. I love little details and the depth that long-term campaigns can create between characters. As a GM I revel in the creation of other worlds and characters within them, of tensions and alliances between factions and snaring my players in twisty plots.

Since those heady days I’ve knuckled down to novel and short story writing and my aim with the Split Worlds is to bring all of the things I love most together into one project. I want to create an opportunity for people who love characters and fantastical worlds to really be able to climb inside, to notice little details and make connections, to find hints and clues to things that will spill out into the real world (more about that another time). The stories are the first part of this, not only do I want them to introduce you to the Split Worlds, I also want to give you that moment of quiet satisfaction when you read a passing reference to an event in Between Two Thorns and you know what really happened.

Does this mean someone has to read all those stories to enjoy the books?

No, not at all. I really want to emphasise that. The Split Worlds novels are written to be enjoyed without any of the stories and those in turn could be read alone as nothing more than little glimpses into the Split Worlds. But if you do want to read the stories, I hope they deepen your enjoyment of the novels and make some of the future events I have planned a richer experience.


Each of the stories is short enough to be read in the time it takes to have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit. All you need to do to sign up is complete the form below (or over at and look out for the activation email you need to act upon to confirm you signed up and not an evil spammer or particularly clever cat walking across your keyboard.

Once that’s done you’ll get a story straight away and then one every seven days until the very last one. That’s just over a year of weekly tea-break reading. You have to bring your own tea though.

Check out Emma’s blog and website at, find out more about the Split Worlds at and follow her on Twitter @EmApocalyptic.

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Free Samples of Every Angry Robot Book

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We don’t always blow our own trumpet, so having spent a few, slightly tedious hours on a very hot day assembling the latest batch of samplers of some upcoming Angry Robot titles, we thought it worth reminding all you deeply lovely AR readers that we do, as standard, offer a free excerpt from every single one of our books.

Ebooks, Arrrrrrr!There’s a lot of talk about eBook piracy at the moment. And there are all sorts of reasons. Some of them – “I like having stuff for free, so I’m going to take it; I’ll never get caught” – are a little hard to help with, short of some ghastly state surveillance program which nobody much wants. Others, though, we understand and we’re keen to help with if we can.

Ebooks are expensive – well, ours are always priced below their comparative physical fellows. We still have to pay for editing and proofreading, design and all that, but we’ve knocked off the cost of printing for you. (And don’t forget that at the moment, in the UK eBooks are subject to 20% VAT where print books aren’t.)

I can’t get them in my country – actually, you can buy our eBooks, DRM-free, from any country in the world. We also release our editions through all major eBook outlets, in as many countries as we can but notably across North America and Europe, in the same week.

I only wanted to read a sample, see if I liked it enough to buy it… – And here we are. That’s why we’re very happy to sit here on a sweltering day preparing more natty little 50-page selections from our upcoming releases for you.

Below the jump (or further down the screen if you’re not on our homepage at the moment) you’ll find a selection of our recent excerpts, each one inside a cute little app thing. Take them, host them on your own site if you like (it’s very easy, and makes your blog look grrrreat), send them to your mates, share them wherever. Then check out the individual book pages here on the site for samples of our entire range.

And if you like the free samples we give you, you might even want to buy our lovely books, which you can do over at The Robot Trading Company (our very own webstore) or your regular eBook or pBook retailer of choice.

[Image Credit: Rather fabulous pirate kindle blatantly nicked from – no accreditation given there, so if it’s yours, please let us know and we’ll either add in a credit link or take it down…]

Read More→

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Time now for more of our regular free extracts. Here are sample chapters from the two books that we’re officially publishing on June 7th (available in the US/CAN and eBook editions from May 29th).

Strangeness and Charm is the third part of Mike Shevdon’s fabulous urban fantasy series, The Courts of the Feyre (book one: Sixty-One Nails, book two: The Road to Bedlam).

Night’s Engines is the second and concluding part of Trent Jamieson’s weird and quite wonderful science fantasy saga The Nightbound Land (book one: Roil).

The app-viewer thingies below can be embedded on your own website and the link to it spread far and wide via your social media channel of choice, if you feel the urge to share some free fantastic fiction. Right-click on the ‘issuu’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of each, then click ‘Share This Publication’ for options.


Strangeness and Charm

by Mike Shevdon

The Courts of the Feyre, Vol III

Alex has been saved from the fate that awaited her in Bedlam, but in freeing her, Niall has released others of their kind into the population. Now, as Warder, he must find them and persuade them to swap their new-found liberty for security in the courts – but is the price of sanctuary to swap one cage for another?

More information about the book

Read at


Night’s Engines

by Trent Jamieson

The conclusion of the Nightbound Land duology

Shale is dying. The vast, boiling maelstrom known only as the Roil has pushed humanity to the edge of extinction. The last cities teeter on the verge of collapse.

There is one hope, but it is enshrined in a decadent wastrel who does not want his destiny, and a young woman who seeks only an end to everything. And yet they go on, in search of the ancient weapons that worked against the Roil once, and must work again.

More information about the book

Read at

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Empire State comic, song and more stories

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Over at, we’ve seen some great new works appear over the last couple of weeks.

The latest of which is Silver Specter – a comic by Hugo winner, Cheyenne Wright.

Also available is an original song by Angry Robot’s theme-tune sccribe, John Anealio.

And plenty more.

Head on over to the Empire State WorldBuilder site and see what else is new (and it’s all free!)

Here’s the first page of Silver Specter to whet your appetites…

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Next month is the Merry Month of May – the month of blooming flowers, spring sunshine and country dancing, yes? Not at Angry Robot it isn’t, no. At Angry Robot we’ll be doing our level best to throw a spanner in the works of all that jollity, levity and general pleasantness with a triple dose of dark, dark supernatural fiction, via the publication of Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig, Evil Dark by Justin Gustainis and The Nekropolis Archives by Tim Waggoner.

But why wait until May to bring the darkness, when you can get a head-start with extracts from all three titles, right here?


by Chuck Wendig

The first Miriam Black novel

Miriam Black knows when you will die. She’s foreseen hundreds of car crashes, heart attacks, strokes, and suicides.

But when Miriam hitches a ride with Louis Darling and shakes his hand, she sees that in thirty days Louis will be murdered while he calls her name. Louis will die because he met her, and she will be the next victim.

No matter what she does she can’t save Louis. But if she wants to stay alive, she’ll have to try.

More information about the book

Read at | Download ePub | Download Mobi

Evil Dark

by Justin Gustainis

The second Occult Crimes Unit Investigation

“My name’s Markowski. I carry a badge. Also a crucifix, some wooden stakes, big vial of holy water and a 9mm Beretta loaded with silver bullets.”

A series of seemingly motiveless murders of supernatural creatures points to a vigilante targeting the supe community of Scranton.

Markowski wouldn’t normally have much of a problem with that, but his daughter may be next on the killer’s list…

More information about the book

Read at | Download ePub | Download Mobi

The Nekropolis Archives

by Tim Waggoner

A three-volume Angry Robot Omnibus edition

Meet Matt Richter. Private Eye. Zombie.

His mean streets are the city of the dead, the shadowy realm known as Nekropolis.

You’ve got to keep your head in Nekropolis. But when you’re a zombie attempting to battle the vampire lords, that’s not as easy as it seems…

This massive omnibus editions collects all three Matt Richter novels – Nekropolis, Dead Streets and Dark War – plus a swathe of short stories too.

More information about the book

Read at | Download ePub | Download Mobi

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Omega Point, by Guy HaleyGuy Haley‘s action-packed Omega Point – the second Richards and Klein investigation and sequel to last year’s Reality 36 – is one of our April titles and will be available from the 5th of the month (slightly earlier in the US & Canada and in eBook).

To re-whet your appetite for the A.I. P.I. and cyborg commando sleuthing team, Guy has posted a free short story, set a month or two before the events of Reality 36, entitled ‘Ghost’.

It begins a little something like this:

2nd July, 2129

“Ohmygod, are you like, wholly certain?” The microphone at Jeanette’s throat hurled her squeals across the grid at Molly. Molly, her face pasted over the world as part of Jeanette’s enhanced reality set up, stuck out her tongue and pulled a face.

“Yeah, yeah, he did, I mean, he really did.”

Jeanette’s shrieks of laughter battered the ears of the other tube passengers. They ignored her, a custom bedded into London psyches two centuries gone. They had ceased to be people by choice, becoming objects to be shifted from one place to another. Although as pressed together as tightly as lovers, they hid in their inner spaces as best they could – in the bone cage of their skulls or out on the boundless Grid – seeking release from the proximity of other warm animal bodies.

Jeanette was less self-conscious. Firstly, she was sixteen, only beginning to outgrow the brash confidence of adolescence. Secondly, wherever Jeanette went it was in a cloud of private information. She was oblivious to the others, their faces crowded out by Grid windows packed laminate-tight.

Her vision hemmed, the Real was confined to a letterbox directly in front of her, dull and drab and wholly not worth paying attention to.

“That’s just grunky vile,” said Jeanette. Molly was using real-time feed of her own face. Jeanette was represented to her friend by a near-I avatar. It caught her mood and expressions well enough. Both girls squealed.

“Vile!” shrieked Molly into Jeanette’s ears. “Oh, but, listen. But you mustn’t tell anyone, okay? He’d be, like, massively mortified, okay?”

“Too late for that!” giggled Jeannette. “I got people listenin’ sis!”

“Where are you?” said Molly.

“I’m on the train!” bellowed Jeannette. “Off shopping, in like shops, I’m massively getting into that. Sooo much better than looking on the Grid. But yeah, no, I surely can’t afford it, but you know, I image it,” she clucked her tongue, “like get it fabbed up at home. Done and sorted.”

“Oh I madly hate you,” Molly’s nose wrinkled as she pouted. “You always look so great and you always get your proj done on time. Why can’t I so? I’ve a ton due Monday, like the day after tomorrow.”

“I’ve not done my proj yet,” said Jeanette. Her avatar copied the grin on her face.

“How are you…”

“A girl’s got to keep some secrets,” Jeannette said. Her avatar held a finger to cartoon lips and gave a wink a teenager might judge mysterious.

The train spoke. “The next stop will be Oxford Street. Change here for Bakerloo, Victoria, and King Charles III lines.”

“And… Oh, hang on so, this is like, surely my stop. Gotta go!”

“Catch you Jeannette.”

“Catch you Molly.”

The last thing Molly saw of her friend was her avatar fading away. Not really Jeanette, just graphics and guesswork, but in her mind she’d never be able to tease them apart. After Jeanette had been gone a while, she wasn’t sure if she ever could.

Visit Guy Haley’s blog to read the rest of the story.

And for even more from Richards and Klein, check out the novella ‘The Nemesis Worm’, available from, and

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Next month we’re publishing a trio of terrific titles by three awesomely amazing authors and – in a slightly more timely fashion than the last batch – we’ve just uploaded excerpts from all three to our page and added them to the relevant catalogue pages here on the website. But to save you having to go looking for them, here they all are!

The Alchemist of Souls

by Anne Lyle

Night’s Masque, vol I

When Tudor explorers returned from the New World, they brought back a name out of half-forgotten Viking legend: skraylings. Red-sailed ships followed in the explorers’ wake, bringing Native American goods – and a skrayling ambassador – to London. But what do these seemingly magical beings really want in Elizabeth I’s capital?

Mal Catlyn, a down-at-heel swordsman, is seconded to the ambassador’s bodyguard, but assassination attempts are the least of his problems. What he learns about the skraylings and their unholy powers could cost England her new ally – and Mal Catlyn his soul.

More information on the book.

You can also download a PDF copy of the excerpt, if you prefer.

Omega Point

by Guy Haley

Richards & Klein, Volume II

The powerful artificial intelligence designated k52 has a plan to take over the world.

If it were to create an artificial reality based on our own universe it could theoretically gain enough data to be able to alter reality itself, turning k52 into the ultimate arbiter of mankind’s fate.

It’s down to Richards and Klein to stop k52 – even though the alternative could be worse!

More information on the book.

Again, here’s the PDF version to download, if you’d rather.

Costume Not Included

by Matthew Hughes

To Hell and Back – Vol II

Chesney’s efforts to ‘Save the Day’ and ‘Win the Girl’ make slow progress. This superhero lark is a bit more complicated than he thought.

But even as Chesney is trying to learn the ropes, Boss Greeley has made a deal with the Devil. A deal that is making Greeley stronger by the minute. Soon he will be untouchable. Meanwhile Reverend Hardacre digs deeper and finds that not everything in reality is quite what it seems…

Now Chesney, the one-time actuary-turned superhero must continue the fight.

More information on the book.

And one more time, the downloadable PDF, for those who want one.

Bloggers and Reviewers don’t forget, if you review genre fiction titles regularly at your own blog – or as part of a team blog, or for a magazine or pro-website – then you can get your hands on electronic ARCs of these titles (and many more) by applying to join our Robot Army street team. Click that link for full details.

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With the official US publication date of both Carpathia by Matt Forbeck and Dead Harvest by Chris F. Holm finally upon us and the official UK publication date just a couple of days away, it’s long past time that we posted a couple of free excerpts from the books in question. So here you go.

Here’s what to do: read, enjoy, then proceed immediately to grab the full ebooks from the Angry Robot Webstore / your favourite online retailer or pick up the printed paper edition from your favourite purveyor of physical items. Couldn’t be easier.


by Matt Forbeck

It’s Titanic meets 30 Days of Night.

When the desperate survivors of the Titanic were rescued from the icy waters of the North Atlantic by the passenger steamship Carpathia, they thought their problems were over.

But something was sleeping in the darkest recesses of the rescue ship. Something old. Something hungry.

[applet thingy via]

Dead Harvest

by Chris F. Holm

Meet Sam Thornton. He collects souls.

Sam’s job is to collect the souls of the damned, and ensure they are dispatched to the appropriate destination. But when he’s sent to collect the soul of a young woman he believes to be innocent of the horrific crime that’s doomed her to Hell, he says something no Collector has ever said before.


[embedded whatsit from again]

Click for full-screen versions. You can also embed these free samples in your own website or blog – just copy the code (by right-clicking on the “issuu” button in the bottom right corner of the sample, and selecting “copy embed code”) then paste into your own site.

More free excerpts real soon, from April titles The Alchemist of Souls, Omega Point and Costume Not Included.

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Anyone for Empire State RPG Action?

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We’ve just posted the latest bit of brand new content to, the collaborative content creation WorldBuilder project based on Adam Christopher‘s Empire State.

Empire State - the RPGThe shiny, new content in question is Empire State – the RPG, nothing less than a complete, original and self-contained roleplaying game system fresh from the feverish mind of game designer David ‘Doc Blue’ Wendt, whose credits include White Wolf’s Sword and Sorcery, Exalted, Mage, and Gamma World game lines, as well as his own ‘Camelot’s Shame‘ system.

In Empire State – the RPG the emphasis is very much on collaborative story-telling, with players and GM working together to generate plot- and character-focused gaming sessions based on the concept of the Empire State. Or any of the vast array of spin-off possibilities that the main narrative implies.

That’s the back-of-the-packet version. But what you really want to know is this: it’s cool, it’s sassy, it’s sexy, it’s noir, it’s anything you want it to be, and there’s not an experience point in sight. We’re talking proper, grown-up gaming, folks. Not the sort of thing your dungeon-bashing, level-up-mad kiddie-gamers and going to get a kick out of, and obviously that’s going to mean a much, much more satisfying gaming experience as a result.

So, what the game needs now is gamers! It’s completely free to download (the system is available under the same Creative Commons license as all the content) which means it’s yours to run with, build on and participate in to your heart’s content.

And we’d absolutely love it if, once you’ve played the game, you wanted to submit your game transcripts as works of short fiction, or submit character illustrations of their group, or anything else based on your game experiences.

Plus, as you’ll see when you download the rules set, it’s very much text-only at the moment. If there are any illustrators or artists out there who feel inspired to submit some suitable illustrations, do please feel free. Game supplements and rules add-ons (as long as they stay true to the original, story-telling focused game system) are also welcome.

Gaming in the world of Empire State awaits you… grab your dice-bag and get to it!

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Empire State WorldBuilder is now live!

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Empire State by Adam ChristopherYou may remember we told you about our new WorldBuilder project, where we invite fans to create their own content set in the world of Adam Christopher’s Empire State.

Well, the website has now gone live, and to get the ball rolling we’ve commissioned a few pieces (with thanks to the mighty Mur Lafferty for helping to run the project).

The phenomenally talented JR Blackwell has provided us with stills from the (non-existent) 1946 noir movie adaptation of Empire State. There’s an example below, and you can find plenty more over at the main site (

Also at the site is a short story from Hugo and Nebula Award winner, James Patrick Kelly. Empire State inspired his first ever superhero tale, The Biggest.

“The Biggest” by James Patrick Kelly

Big, known to his dear departed mother as Filbrick Van Loon, was startled out of his reverie when a heavy in a cheap gabardine suit dropped into the seat in front of him like a piano falling out of a skyscraper. In his drowsy confusion, Big thought the train itself had derailed, but as he gathered his wits he realized that the Empire State Express was pulling out of Union Station, finally headed south to New York City.

“Guess who I just seen?” said the heavy.

“Can’t.” A woman’s voice oozed boredom. “Jimmy Cagney?”

The seatback shuddered as the heavy thrashed disagreement. “What would Cagney be doing in Albany?”

“Babe Ruth?” said his companion.


“Rin Tin Tin? Judge Crater?

“The Governor.”


Big stopped feeling sorry for himself and leaned forward to eavesdrop, although the heavy had a voice they could probably hear him in Buffalo.

“How did you know it was him?”

“Been in the newsreels, hasn’t he? Believe me, this is the guy. He could barely walk cause of the polio.”

Big stood and pulled his suitcase off the overhead rack.

“They say he got better.” The woman was still skeptical.

“If that was better, I’d hate to see worse.”

Read it all, here.

We’d love for you to go and see what’s happening as part of our WorldBuilder project, and we’d love it even more if you were to join in. There are some free sample chapters from Empire State at the site, and the novel is available to purchase now in paperback, ePub and Kindle formats from your favourite stores.

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Empire State Launch/Signing News

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With a London launch at the Forbidden Planet Megastore last week (get your signed copies, here), and a signing in New York tomorrow night, Adam Christopher is keeping very busy!

Adam reads from Empire State at the UK launch

The launch for Adam’s Empire State at Forbidden Planet on Thursday last week was a great success. We’re still waiting for the firm numbers to come in, but FP have told us that it is one of the most successful launch/signings they have ever held there.

Which is nice.

A good time was had by all, and after reading a tantalising excerpt from the novel, Adam was kept extremely busy by the long queue of eager readers.

And if you missed the news at the weekend, the Financial Times said this of Empire State:

Suffused with a love for noir fiction and the golden age of American comic books, Christopher’s Empire State is something of a tour de force. If, somehow, Raymond Chandler and Philip K Dick had collaborated on a Superman story, they might well have produced this novel.

Empire State US launch flierCongratulations to Adam on a fine launch, and our thanks go to Danie and the team at Forbidden Planet for making it all happen.

New Yorkers – don’t forget Adam’s signing at the Mid-Manhattan Library tomorrow evening from 6.30-7.30pm. (Details here, or click the image to the right).

Empire State is out now in paperback and eBook formats. Order a copy from your favourite indie, chain or online retailer.

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Merry Christmas – Sock Amnesty Reminder

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First of all: Merry Christmas! We hope you received everything you wanted, and wanted everything you received.

If not… don’t forget that we have our sock amnesty running this year!

Lovely! Just What I Always Wanted.It happens every year. Maybe it’ll be your mad Aunty Mabel, or your loving Mum, or your lazy brother-in-law, or maybe it’ll be the last-minute Secret Santa buyer in the office that you were unlucky enough to end up with.

But let’s face it, it’s pretty much guaranteed to happen: someone will give you some sort of Crap Present – often some oh, so jolly Xmas socks – during this holiday season.

Here at Angry Robot we’re no strangers to the Squishy Package of Impending Doom and we feel your pain, we really do. Which is why we announced the Angry Robot Sock Amnesty.

In a festive nut-shell: if you send us your Xmas socks (or any other crap presents that you’d be happy to see the back of) we will send you a voucher code for a free Angry Robot ebook in return.

We’ll then donate all your crap presents to charity on your behalf – after posting photos of the funniest and/or weirdest ones here on the Angry Robot blog, of course – and you’ll be able to read your ebook-of-choice in the warm glow of knowing you’ve Done Good.

And best of all, Aunty Mabel will never know…

[Full how-to-enter details below the jump:]
Read More→

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Make your own Angry Robot Christmas Snowflakes!

Just in case you hadn’t noticed – and to be fair because Angry Robot readers are brighter than the average droid you probably did – there’s a crafting revolution going on. From Etsy to your local knitting shop, people all over the recession-hit western world are rediscovering the pleasures of doing it oneself. This Christmas, always one for an internet trend, we’d like to suggest a “make” for you of our own – with these deeply festive Angry Robot Christmas Snowflakes.

Making one isn’t so very hard, we reckon, our reasoning being that if we can make them without severing any major arteries, so can you. You’ll need a printer and appropriately sized paper (you can resize to suit), a pair of scissors or sharp craft knife… and Your AR Snowflake template (PDF) – don’t forget to right-click or alt-click, as is your wont.

So here’s all you have to do:
1. Download the PDF.
2. Open it up and print it. It’s set to just go onto some UK A4 (letter) but you may want to resize it to fit the paper size your printer can handle. Big is nice, weeny means you’ll probably lose a thumb trying to trim it, but feel free to experiment.
3. Fold it up (NB, you don’t need to cut the circle out first, unless you really want to). You might just cock the folding up first time but don’t worry about it. First, fold in half horizontally, then along one edge of the grey-tined segment. Then fold again so the grey-toned segment is on top. Fold the segment beneath it back the other way so it’s a “Z” in profile not a flattened spiral.
4. Using your preferred hacking implement, trim off all the grey parts, leaving the white. You’re going through 12 layers, so watch it!
5. Unfold. Wow, it’s like Christmas day already. Do a few, using different coloured papers, stick them up somewhere, and marvel at your crafting skills every 20 minutes until Twelfth Night. Then throw them in the recycling bin.

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Announcing the Angry Robot Sock Amnesty

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Lovely! Just What I Always Wanted.It happens every year. Maybe it’ll be your mad Aunty Mabel, or your loving Mum, or your lazy brother-in-law, or maybe it’ll be the last-minute secret santa buyer in the office pool that you were unlucky enough to end up with.

But let’s face it, it’s pretty much guaranteed to happen: someone will give you some sort of Crap Present – usually oh, so jolly Xmas socks – at some point this holiday season.

Here at Angry Robot we’re no strangers to the Squishy Package of Impending Doom and we feel your pain, we really do.

Which is why we’re announcing the Angry Robot Sock Amnesty.

In a festive nut-shell: if you send us your Xmas socks (or any other crap presents that you’d be happy to see the back of) we will send you a voucher code for a free Angry Robot ebook in return.

We’ll then donate all your crap presents to charity on your behalf – after posting photos of the funniest and/or weirdest ones here on the Angry Robot blog, of course – and you’ll be able to read your ebook-of-choice in the warm glow of knowing you’ve Done Good.

And best of all, Aunty Mabel will never know…

[Full how-to-enter details below the jump:]
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