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Back in February Andy Remic offered a free Wolf Pack to reviewers and bloggers who had reviewed his fantastic fantasy novel The Iron Wolves.

The pack included a lollypop, five bookmarks, a signed photo and an Iron Wolves t-shirt! (Modelled very impressively at the time by Mr Remic himself).

Wolf Pack Promo

Now the Wolf Pack has begun to return to their leader (with bloggers and reviewers receiving their t-shirts) and we can bring you first photo of one being worn by someone who didn’t write the book: Phil Witvliet of Grimdark reader with his dog Pluto!

Phil Witvliet & Pluto - wolf pack

Hopefully we’ll see more wolves returning home in the future so we can bring you photos of the entire pack, but for now we think Phil and Pluto set a high bar for the others!

*Once again we use the term “Modelled” in the broadest possible sense*

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Remic’s Wolf Pack (grr)

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Reviewers: Get Your FREE Wolf Pack!

The Wolf Pack (grr) is now ready to (run with the pack/howl at the moon/scratch at the fleas etc). If you’re a blogger or reviewer who has reviewed Andy Remic‘s brand new fantasy novel, The Iron Wolves, you are eligible for a FREE Wolf Pack (grr) which comprises a t-shirt* (sizes L and XL), five bookmarks, a signed photograph of the author and a lollypop. There are limited stocks of t-shirts though, so please email Andy ASAP at andyremic [at] linking to your review.
*Model not included.**

** Well, he might be, for the right price (he likes bananas).***

*** We stress the word “model” is used in its broadest possible sense.

Wolf Pack Promo

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total-film-magazine-4367-a-1389784791-470-75January’s issue of Total Film not only features on-set exclusives for Spider-Man 2, interviews with Colin Farrell, and reviews of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug but excitedly, there is a FREE eBook of Ramez Naam‘s Nexus for every reader!

In 2013, the screen rights to Nexus, Ramez’s nanotech mind-control novel, were acquired by Paramount Pictures, with the project to be produced by Mary Parent and Cale Boyter through their Disruption label and Darren Aronofsky and Scott Franklin through their Protozoa banner. Rights acquisitions don’t always mean the movie will come to fruition, but with such fantastic names involved, it’s worth celebrating again!

Lucky Total Film readers can also download copies of Exhibit A‘s Scare Me by Richard Parker which was bought by Relativity Media with Wentworth Miller adapting the novel for the big screen, AND Strange Chemistry‘s Blackwood by Gwenda Bond which MTV has put in development, from Lionsgate Television and Kelsey Grammer’s Grammnet Prods.

Have you read these books? Did you know about their TV/movie potentials? Pick up a copy of this month’s Total Film - either online on Apple or here’s where you can order your print copy - and find out how to download your free copy of these books!



David Tallerman’s Prince Thief – sample

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Prince Thief, by David TallermanThat David Tallerman is a busy chap. As well as building a brand spanking new website (and there’s some free fiction there, too), he’s put together a free sample of his latest novel, Prince Thief.

Click here to visit the main site, or here to read the free sample of Prince Thief (and you really should!)

Prince Thief is the third in the Tales of Easie Damasco series.

About Prince Thief

Altapasaeda, capital of the Castoval, is under siege by its own King.

Far to the north, rebels have set a bastard prince up as a figurehead.

Yet again, Easie Damasco finds himself roped into a desperate scheme to preserve the Castoval, And kidnapping the Prince seemed like such a good idea at the time…

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And so this is Christmas…

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Well, we’ve had a great 2013, so far (still a week to go!) but here’s a round-up of our 12 Days of Christmas blogs – and don’t forget, you can pick up ebook copies of all of our featured authors for one shiny UK pound! (About US$1.33). See the authors blog posts below, for details of this offer.

The Staff blogs:

Vicky’s Christmas Advent Calendar

Abi’s Secret Santa Christmas

Lee’s Best of the Year

Wanda – Chanumas

Suzannah – The Best Christmas Film Ever (That’s not the name of the film, by the way)

The Author blogs:

Karen Sandler – On the 1st Day of Christmas, it was Hanukkah

Julianna Scott – 12 Days of Christmas

Joseph D’Lacey – A Christmas Donkey

Wesley Chu – Christmas Blog

Laura Lam – Winter Holidays in Ellada

Madeline Ashby – a Very vN xMas

William Sutton – A Shilling Shocker Short Story

Kim Curran – Summoning Santa

John Matthews – Christmas Blog Post

Sean Lynch – Christmas Reflections

Cassandra Rose Clarke – Midnight Mass

Chuck Wendig – Christmas is Death

We hope you have the best {insert your favoured holiday break of choice here} you’ve ever had, and here’s to a fantastic 2014!


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Festive Competition

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Hey everyone!

Amanda, Vicky and I have just decorated the office, and as the silly season hits the AR HQ, we’d like to offer you the change to share in our festive excitement. We’ve got a great competition for you…and the prizes are here, in our tree:


Read More→

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Team Robot Blogger Award: The Winners!

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The Winners



Well done to all our short-listed blogs, and those nominated by the authors. But we can only have one winner for each award, and here they are: Read More→


Team Robot Blogger Award

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As most of you are probably aware, we here at Robot HQ adore our blogs, bloggers, readers of blogs, and all things related. We really appreciate everything they do to help us promote our books, authors, and indeed Angry Robot, Strange Chemistry, and Exhibit A. With today being Thanksgiving, we thought it was the perfect time to announce our Team Robot Blogger Award. We want to give back to those bloggers who work tirelessly, for no financial gain, and in their own free time, to read more books than we can even publish, and spread the word to the reading – and buying – public. Read More→

The Age Atomic, by Adam Christopher, The Marching Dead, Lee Battersby and Black Feathers by Joseph D’Lacey are all officially on-sale in the UK/EU next week (from Thursday 6th to be precise), but are already our in US/CAN print and ebook editions.

Here’s a taster from each to whet your appetite for more…

Click on the widgets below to activate them and read a free sample from each book, or use the links beneath each widget to visit, where you’ll find sharing buttons, embed code, links and all sorts, should you wish to add any or all of these extracts to your own blog or website.


The Age Atomic

by Adam Christopher

The sequel to Empire State – the superhero-noir fantasy thriller set in the other New York.

The Empire State is dying. The Fissure connecting the pocket universe to New York has vanished, plunging the city into a deep freeze and the populace are demanding a return to Prohibition and rationing as energy supplies dwindle.

Meanwhile, in 1954 New York, the political dynamic has changed and Nimrod finds his department subsumed by a new group, Atoms For Peace, led by the mysterious Evelyn McHale.

As Rad uncovers a new threat to his city, Atoms For Peace prepare their army for a transdimensional invasion. Their goal: total conquest – or destruction – of the Empire State.

Read, download, share and embed via


Black Feathers

by Joseph D’Lacey

It is the Black Dawn, a time of environmental apocalypse, the earth wracked and dying.

It is the Bright Day, a time long generations hence, when a peace has descended across the world.

In each era, a child shall be chosen. Their task is to find a dark messiah known only as the Crowman. But is he our saviour – or the final incarnation of evil?

Read, download, share and embed via


The Marching Dead

by Lee Battersby

Find the dead a King, save himself, win the love of his life, live happily ever after. No wonder Marius dos Helles is bored. But now something has stopped the dead from, well, dying.

It’s up to Marius, Gerd, and Gerd’s not-dead-enough Granny to journey across the continent and put the dead back in the afterlife where they belong.

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As it’s the season of good will and all that jazz, we thought we’d give you an early present in the form of another two free samples, this time from our February 2013 releases.

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke is a stand-alone tale of love, loss and robotics. And She Returns From War by Lee Collins is the second Cora Oglesby weird western, sequel to The Dead of Winter.

Both books will be on-sale in the UK/EU from February 7th next year and in the US/CAN and ebook from January 29th.

Click on the widgets below to activate them, or use the links beneath to visit, where you’ll find sharing buttons, embed code, links and all sorts, should you wish to add any or all of these extracts to your own blog or website.


The Mad Scientist’s Daughter

by Cassandra Rose Clarke

“Cat, this is Finn. He’s going to be your tutor.”

He looks and acts human, though he has no desire to be. He was programmed to assist his owners, and performs his duties to perfection. A billion-dollar construct, his primary task now is to tutor Cat. As she grows into a beautiful young woman, Finn is her guardian, her constant companion… and more.

But when the government grants rights to the ever-increasing robot population, however, Finn struggles to find his place in the world.

Following her acclaimed Young Adult debut for our sister imprint Strange Chemistry, The Assassin’s Curse, the very talented Cassandra Rose Clarke moves on to more adult themes, in a heartbreaking story of love, loss … and robots.

Read, download, share and embed via


She Returns From War

by Lee Collins

Four years after the horrific events in Leadville, a young woman from England, Victoria Dawes, sets into motion a series of events that will lead Cora and herself out into the New Mexico desert in pursuit of Anaba, a Navajo witch bent on taking revenge for the atrocities committed against her people.

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It’s free samples time again! Check out these multi-chapter extracts from our three January 2013 releases: near-future science fiction thriller Nexus by Ramez Naam, Elizabethan swashbuckling and skullduggery saga The Merchant of Dreams by Anne Lyle and the three-in-one omnibus edition of the steampunk extravaganza The Bookman Histories by World Fantasy Award winner Lavie Tidhar.

All three books will be on-sale in print in the UK/EU from January 3rd 2013, slightly earlier in the US/CAN, and in ebook from December 18th from all your favourite book retailers.

Click on the widgets below to activate them, or use the links beneath to visit, where you’ll find sharing buttons, embed code, links and all sorts, should you wish to add any or all of these extracts to your own blog or website.



by Ramez Naam

In the near future, the experimental nano-drug Nexus can link human together, mind to mind. There are some who want to improve it. There are some who want to eradicate it. And there are others who just want to exploit it.

When a young scientist is caught improving Nexus, he’s thrust over his head into a world of danger and international espionage – for there is far more at stake than anyone realizes.

Read, download, share and embed via


The Merchant of Dreams

by Anne Lyle

The second book in the Night’s Masque series (sequel to The Alchemist of Souls)

Exiled from the court of Queen Elizabeth for accusing a powerful nobleman of treason, swordsman-turned-spy Mal Catlyn has been living in France with his young valet Coby Hendricks for the past year.

But Mal harbours a darker secret: he and his twin brother share a soul that once belonged to a skrayling, one of the mystical creatures from the New World.

When Mal’s dream about a skrayling shipwreck in the Mediterranean proves reality, it sets him on a path to the beautiful, treacherous city of Venice – and a conflict of loyalties that will place him and his friends in greater danger than ever.

Read, download, share and embed via


The Bookman Histories

by Lavie Tidhar

An omnibus edition, collecting The Bookman, Camera Obscura and The Great Game.

Lizard Kings and swashbuckling pirates, secret government agencies and scuttling automata, tripods and airships.

There’s never been a series with quite so much adventure crammed between two covers!

Read, download, share and embed via


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Our October new releases will be unleashed on the world in just a couple of weeks’ time. Soon you’ll be able to head on down to your favourite bookstore (or make with the clicking on your favourite online retailer’s website) and grab a copy of The Wrong Goodbye by Chris F. Holm, Crown Thief by David Tallerman and the three-volume omnibus edition of The Knights of Breton Court by Maurice Broaddus. Once you have them safely in-hand (or on-reader) you can scamper off to your reading-cave and devour them without pause, snarling like a cornered wolverine at anyone who dares to disturb your literary reverie.

A few scant weeks later, you’ll no doubt feel the uncontrollable urge to repeat the process all over again, when our November book release – The Dead of Winter, the debut horror/western novel by new talent Lee Collins – hits the shelves.

In the meantime, here are four sets of sample chapters to help whip you into a frenzy of anticipation. Feel free to share them via your social media channel of choice, or embed the widgets on your own blog or website. Just click the relevant links to and then either the ‘Share’ or ‘Embed’ buttons, as required.


October 2012

The Wrong Goodbye, by Chris F. HolmCrown Thief, by David TallermanThe Knights of Breton Court, by Maurice Broaddus

November 2012

The Dead of Winter, by Lee Collins


The Wrong Goodbye

by Chris F. Holm
The Collector, book two (sequel to Dead Harvest)

Meet Sam Thornton, Collector of Souls.

Because of his efforts to avert the Apocalypse, Sam Thornton has been given a second chance – provided he can stick to the straight-and-narrow.

Which sounds all well and good, but when the soul Sam’s sent to collect goes missing, Sam finds himself off the straight-and-narrow pretty quick.

Read, download, share and embed via


Crown Thief

by David Tallerman
The Tales of Easie Damasco, book two (sequel to Giant Thief)

From the Tales of Easie Damasco…

Meet Easie Damasco: Thief, swindler and lately, reluctant hero.

But whatever good intentions Damasco may have are about to be tested to their limits, as the most valuable – and dangerous – object in the land comes within his light-fingered grasp. Add in some suicidally stubborn giants, an old enemy with dreams of empire and the deadliest killers in two kingdoms on his heels, and Damasco’s chances of staying honest – or even just surviving – are getting slimmer by the hour.

Read, download, share and embed via


The Knights of Breton Court (omnibus)

by Maurice Broaddus

The Wire meets Excalibur in this stunning urban fantasy.

From the drug gangs of downtown Indianapolis, the one true king will arise.

The King Arthur myth gets dramatically retold through the eyes of street hustler King, as he tries to unite the crack dealers, gangbangers and the monsters lurking within them to do the right thing.

Read, download, share and embed via


The Dead of Winter

by Lee Collins

Cora and her husband hunt things – things that shouldn’t exist.

When the marshal of Leadville, Colorado, comes across a pair of mysterious deaths, he turns to Cora to find the creature responsible. But if Cora is to overcome the unnatural tide threatening to consume the small town, she must first confront her own tragic past as well as her present.

Read, download, share and embed via

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Here’s another batch of sample extracts for you to read and enjoy.

Suited by Jo Anderton, art by Dominic Harman   The Hammer and the Blade, by Paul S Kemp   The Crown of the Usurper, by Gav Thorpe   vN by Madeline Ashby, cover Martin Bland/Spyroteknik

Suited is the second book in Jo Anderton‘s Veiled Worlds series and is the sequel to Debris, for which Jo recently won the Best New Talent Ditmar Award.

The Hammer and the Blade is the first book in a brand new sword and sorcery saga – the Tales of Egil and Nix – by renowned Star Wars and Forgotten Realms author Paul S. Kemp.

The Crown of the Usurper is the stunning conclusion to the epic Crown of the Blood trilogy by esteemed Warhammer author Gav Thorpe.

vN is the hugely accomplished debut science fiction novel by Madeline Ashby; an author we guarantee you’ll be hearing a whole lot more about…

The first two books in this fine selection are our July releases and will be available in US/CAN paperback and ebook formats from Tuesday, June 26th, with UK/EU paperback editions following on Thursday, July 5th. The second two are our August books and will be published on Tuesday July 31st (US/CAN & ebook) and Thursday August 1st (UK/EU). Pre-orders can of course be placed with all good indie, online and major high-street bookstores right now

The reader applets below can be embedded on your own website and the link to them spread far and wide via your regular social media channels. Right-click on the ‘issuu’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of each, then click ‘Share This Publication’ for options. You can also download the pdf versions to read offline if you prefer.



by Jo Anderton

The Veiled Worlds, Vol II

Tanyana has chosen to help the Keeper, to stand against the Puppet Men, who continue to force the Debris into unnatural creations.

And when even her own suit becomes aggressive against her, Tanyana must weigh some very personal issues against her determination to serve the greater good.

Read / download at


The Hammer and The Blade

by Paul S. Kemp

A Tale of Egil and Nix

Kill the demon. Steal the treasure. Retire to a life of luxury. Sounds easy when you put it like that.

Unfortunately for Egil and Nix, when the demon they kill has friends in high places, retirement is not an option.

Read / download at


The Crown of the Usurper

by Gav Thorpe

The stunning conclusion to the epic Crown of the Blood trilogy.

Ullsaard rules the known world. All are subject to his will.

Yet even as another king bows before him, there are those who would wrench his empire from beneath him. He must risk losing the lands he has conquered to confront a foe far more powerful than any he has faced before.

As alliances shift and old enemies return, will he save the empire he has given his life to, or let it fall to ruin?

Read / download at



by Madeline Ashby

Amy Peterson is a von Neumann machine, a self-replicating humanoid robot.

For the past five years, she has been grown slowly as part of a mixed organic/synthetic family. She knows very little about her android mother’s past, so when her grandmother arrives and attacks her mother, little Amy wastes no time: she eats her alive.

Now she carries her malfunctioning granny as a partition on her memory drive, and she’s learning impossible things about her clade’s history – like the fact that the failsafe that stops all robots from harming humans has failed… Which means that everyone wants a piece of her, some to use her as a weapon, others to destroy her.

Read / download at

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This Guest Post is by newly-signed AR Author Emma Newman.

Come into the Split Worlds

The Author - Emma NewmanSo the dust is settling and my little corner of the internet is returning to normality following the announcement that the Split Worlds series is now in the gentle care of our favourite Robot Overlords. I thought it would be a good time to promise to send you a free short story set in the Split Worlds every week for a year and a day, if you want me to that is, and explain why I’m offering to do so.

As I mentioned on the lovely Adam Christopher’s blog, the Split Worlds series started life as a self-publishing project and up until very recently I was gearing up to launch the first book of the series Between Two Thorns. Part of that process involved releasing a short story every week set in the Split Worlds for a year and a day, a total of 54 short stories, plus a bonus one if people signed up to receive the stories by email.

It’s quite a daunting thing to commit to, but something I don’t regret at all. Here’s why:

I’m a great big geek.

For me, the Split Worlds project has never just been about writing lots of stories and several novels. At the risk of sounding a bit silly and pretentious what I want to create is something immersive, something that incorporates elements from my favourite hobby: roleplaying.

I’ve been playing and GMing for years. I missed out on early experiences of D&D, my schooling was in White Wolf’s World of Darkness games such as Vampire: The Masquerade. At university I was in the Roleplaying Games Society and student life was a glorious few years of regular tabletop and live action games ranging from high fantasy to gritty cyber-punk, occasionally interrupted by lectures and essays and exams. It played a big part in spawning my love of dressmaking and it’s where I caught the world-building bug too.

Roll 'em!As a player, one of the things I love most about a really good game is the total immersion. I want to see it all in my head, I want to experience things outside the scope of my normal life. I love little details and the depth that long-term campaigns can create between characters. As a GM I revel in the creation of other worlds and characters within them, of tensions and alliances between factions and snaring my players in twisty plots.

Since those heady days I’ve knuckled down to novel and short story writing and my aim with the Split Worlds is to bring all of the things I love most together into one project. I want to create an opportunity for people who love characters and fantastical worlds to really be able to climb inside, to notice little details and make connections, to find hints and clues to things that will spill out into the real world (more about that another time). The stories are the first part of this, not only do I want them to introduce you to the Split Worlds, I also want to give you that moment of quiet satisfaction when you read a passing reference to an event in Between Two Thorns and you know what really happened.

Does this mean someone has to read all those stories to enjoy the books?

No, not at all. I really want to emphasise that. The Split Worlds novels are written to be enjoyed without any of the stories and those in turn could be read alone as nothing more than little glimpses into the Split Worlds. But if you do want to read the stories, I hope they deepen your enjoyment of the novels and make some of the future events I have planned a richer experience.


Each of the stories is short enough to be read in the time it takes to have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit. All you need to do to sign up is complete the form below (or over at and look out for the activation email you need to act upon to confirm you signed up and not an evil spammer or particularly clever cat walking across your keyboard.

Once that’s done you’ll get a story straight away and then one every seven days until the very last one. That’s just over a year of weekly tea-break reading. You have to bring your own tea though.

Check out Emma’s blog and website at, find out more about the Split Worlds at and follow her on Twitter @EmApocalyptic.

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Free Samples of Every Angry Robot Book

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We don’t always blow our own trumpet, so having spent a few, slightly tedious hours on a very hot day assembling the latest batch of samplers of some upcoming Angry Robot titles, we thought it worth reminding all you deeply lovely AR readers that we do, as standard, offer a free excerpt from every single one of our books.

Ebooks, Arrrrrrr!There’s a lot of talk about eBook piracy at the moment. And there are all sorts of reasons. Some of them – “I like having stuff for free, so I’m going to take it; I’ll never get caught” – are a little hard to help with, short of some ghastly state surveillance program which nobody much wants. Others, though, we understand and we’re keen to help with if we can.

Ebooks are expensive - well, ours are always priced below their comparative physical fellows. We still have to pay for editing and proofreading, design and all that, but we’ve knocked off the cost of printing for you. (And don’t forget that at the moment, in the UK eBooks are subject to 20% VAT where print books aren’t.)

I can’t get them in my country - actually, you can buy our eBooks, DRM-free, from any country in the world. We also release our editions through all major eBook outlets, in as many countries as we can but notably across North America and Europe, in the same week.

I only wanted to read a sample, see if I liked it enough to buy it… – And here we are. That’s why we’re very happy to sit here on a sweltering day preparing more natty little 50-page selections from our upcoming releases for you.

Below the jump (or further down the screen if you’re not on our homepage at the moment) you’ll find a selection of our recent excerpts, each one inside a cute little app thing. Take them, host them on your own site if you like (it’s very easy, and makes your blog look grrrreat), send them to your mates, share them wherever. Then check out the individual book pages here on the site for samples of our entire range.

And if you like the free samples we give you, you might even want to buy our lovely books, which you can do over at The Robot Trading Company (our very own webstore) or your regular eBook or pBook retailer of choice.

[Image Credit: Rather fabulous pirate kindle blatantly nicked from - no accreditation given there, so if it's yours, please let us know and we'll either add in a credit link or take it down...]

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