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Unseemly Science


The arrival of a suspicious charitable organization prompts Elizabeth to bring her brother out of retirement for one more investigation, with body-snatching, unseemly experimentation, and more!

File Under: Fantasy [ Codes and Killers | Keep it Cool | Spirit of the Law | From Revolution ]

The Second Book in the Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire Series

In the divided land of England, Elizabeth Barnabus has been living a double life – as both herself and as her brother, the private detective. Witnessing the brutal hanging of someone very close to her, Elizabeth resolves to throw the Bullet Catcher’s Handbook into the fire, and forget her past. If only it were that easy! There is a new charitable organisation in town, run by some highly respectable women. But something doesn’t feel right to Elizabeth. Perhaps it is time for her fictional brother to come out of retirement for one last case? Her unstoppable curiosity leads her to a dark world of body-snatching, unseemly experimentation, politics and scandal. Never was it harder for a woman in a man’s world…