These Deathless Shores


Inspired by J.M. Barrie’s beloved children story Peter Pan and focusing on family, freedom and choice, These Deathless Shores is an exciting genderbent origin story told from the perspective Captain Hook, perfect for fans of Jade City by Fonda Lee.

File Under: Fantasy

Jordan was once a Lost Boy, convinced she would never grow up.

Now, she’s twenty-two and exiled to the real world, still suffering withdrawal from the magic Dust of her childhood – and the drug she’s using to medicate that withdrawal is wreaking its final, fatal effects.

With nothing left to lose, Jordan returns to the Island and its stories – of pirates and war and the cruelty of youth – intent on facing Peter one last time, on her own terms.

But Peter isn’t the only malevolent force moving against her. As Jordan confronts the nature of Dust, first love, and the violent legacy carved into the land itself, she realizes the Island may have plans of its own.


Published with permission from Great Ormond Street Hospital